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Free food pantries in Jefferson County Alabama.

Food pantries in the Greater Birmingham area can help people who are low income, homeless, children, elderly, and disabled. Emergency assistance and long term support are both available. Jefferson County Alabama residents who need help can get free food, clothing, groceries, hot meals, and other support from them. Each year, many residents rely on local pantries and soup kitchens for groceries. Some people may qualify for government assistance with food, such as SNAP food stamps or free school meals from the USDA. If you need more information, there is a referral number at the end of the page.

The main purpose of food banks, churches, soup kitchens, and free pantries is to help residents of Jefferson County who are struggling. The centers can only help people who meet certain requirements. Organizations may provide food, free groceries, meals, Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners or other forms of direct money payments to individuals based on their resources and qualifications.

The staff at free food banks also provide long-term assistance. Other support from a charity can help clients access government assistance programs and/or various other social services where applicable, including emergency food assistance. There are food pantries and distribution centers located in Birmingham and Jefferson County that can provide assistance to individuals and families in need.

The Salvation Army provides food assistance at multiple locations throughout Birmingham, Jefferson County, and Bessemer. This charity can help people in Jefferson County, Alabama get groceries and other perishables, as well as apply for government assistance and social services like WIC vouchers or free lunches for students. Other services that they provide include arranging case management and counseling. Some organizations and charities offer free holiday meals and sometimes gifts too, typically around Christmas or Thanksgiving. The holiday programs in Jefferson County can help seniors and children.

The main center is located at 2130 11th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35234, but there are other locations as well. The Salvation Army provides food assistance programs for residents of Birmingham and Jefferson County.

The Triumph Youth and Adult Community Development food pantry is located at 4910 Huntsville Avenue in Bessemer, Alabama. The phone number for the pantry is (205) 424-6892.

The 23rd Street Baptist Church is located at 331 23rd Street South in Birmingham, Alabama. The church’s phone number is (205) 251-1752.

The 23rd Street Bridge Ministries has a second location at 1016 South 19th Street in Birmingham, AL. You can either stop by the pantry there or call the number below for hours. (205) 930-0309

The Catholic Center of Concern is a Birmingham, Alabama-based organization that provides assistance to individuals and families in need. Its mailing address is 712 4th Court West, and its phone number is (205) 786-4388. This pantry is here to help anyone in need. We welcome everyone, no matter how much money they have, what their religion is, or where they come from. For a limited time, food and groceries are being given away for free.

The Christian Service Mission provides emergency boxes of groceries to residents of Jefferson County, Alabama. The charity also has meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and volunteers will deliver food to people who can’t leave their homes.

This place is called Collat Jewish Family Services and is located at 3940 Montclair Road Suite 205 in Birmingham, Alabama. The phone number to dial for hours of operation is (205) 879-3438. Call them for help with food, clothing, and other needs.

The food bank for Eastern Area Christian Ministries is located at 8000 2nd Avenue South in Birmingham, Alabama. The main phone number for information is (205) 836-9932.

Greater Birmingham Ministries provides resources and support to individuals in need. To learn more about how this charity can help, schedule a meeting with a case manager. You may be able to get free food, groceries, or other help. There are several programs available in Jefferson County, Alabama. One example is the program at 12th Avenue North in Birmingham, which can be contacted at (205) 326-6821.

The food bank at Helpline Christian Outreach Ministries is located at 8 Roebuck Drive in Birmingham, AL. Hot meals can be served to the homeless, seniors, and young children at this location. The phone number to call for more information is (205) 833-7712. You can have lunch or dinner here. If you need help paying for food, you can apply for SNAP food stamps or financial assistance through your state’s social services department.

The Firehouse Shelter is a building in Birmingham, Alabama that provides soup and other food to people who are homeless or otherwise in need. The shelter is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 4:00pm, and anyone is welcome to come and get a meal. Meals that are served hot, typically breakfast and lunch.

The Birmingham First Seventh-Day Adventist Church is located at 3520 Lorna Road in Hoover, Alabama. The food pantry is open at various hours throughout the week. For specific hours, please call 205-987-7208. Based on donations, there may be food such as canned chicken, tuna, meat, rice, pasta, sauce, baby formula, dried beans, cereal, and more.

The food bank at the Green Valley Baptist Church is located at 1815 Patton Chapel Road in Hoover, Alabama. 205-822-2173

The address of the Family Worship Center is 8301 8th Ave. The charity provides food for those who are poor, have low incomes, or are immigrants. The food may either be canned or fresh. In addition to food, Jefferson County may also offer free personal hygiene products, paper goods, detergent, and other household items.

The Adventist Community-Southpark is a community in Birmingham, Alabama. The main phone number for the community is 205-925-5280.

The Fairfield First SDA Church provides assistance programs that include free food and other necessities like clothing and hygiene supplies. People who are unemployed, seniors, the working poor, immigrants, and others who are facing hunger can get help.

Maple Rd.Homewood, IL 60430 The Homewood Church of Christ is a church located at 265 W. Maple Rd. in Homewood, IL 60430. The address for the food pantry is Oxmoor Rd. Birmingham, Alabama 35209. The phone number is 205-942-5683. They also hold Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas meals or events.

The House of Love is a community organization located in Ensley, Birmingham, AL. Their main address is 1001 35th St. and their phone number is (205)-780-0119. The House of Love offers a variety of services to the community, such as a food pantry, clothing closet, and GED classes.

Vestavia UMC has a food pantry and clothing center where people in need can get help. You should get canned vegetables, meat, juices, milk, paper goods, cleaning supplies, and other necessary items. There is always a need for volunteers.

The address for Serving You Ministries, Inc. is 6523 1st Avenue N in Birmingham, Alabama 35206. The phone number is 205-777-3653.

This is a federal government-supported organization that helps communities in need. Whether information on cash aid/welfare, job programs, surplus USDA commodities or the Summer Food Service Program or Senior Brown Bag, support is given. A large portion of business comes from referrals. The Jefferson County Community Action Agency provides assistance to low-income residents in the form of programs and services aimed at improving their quality of life. The agency offers a variety of resources, including housing assistance, job training, and financial assistance.

This is the address and phone number for Thirgood Memorial CME Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

The New Hope Baptist Church is located at 1740 Cleburn Ave SW in Birmingham, Alabama. The church provides services such as a food bank, soup kitchen, and thrift store. To find out more information about hours and services, you can call the church at 205-925-0755. There may be food, paper products, and toiletries available for those in need.

The Grace Episcopal Church is located at 5712 1st Ave N in Birmingham, Alabama. The church can be contacted by phone at 205-595-4636.

The Woodlawn Christian Center is a place where people in Jefferson County can get help if they are vulnerable. The center is located at 139 N 54th Street in Birmingham, AL, and their phone number is 205-595-3776. Hot meals, groceries, Thanksgiving turkeys, and more can all be delivered to your door. There are resources such as snacks, summer meals, basic clothing, and blankets available for kids in Jefferson County who are out of school. They also give out fresh produce.

The New Pilgrim Baptist Church is located in Birmingham, Alabama at 708 Goldwire PL SW. The church can be contacted by dialing 205-326-6225 ext 12.

The DAV is a national organization that provides assistance to disabled veterans. The organization has a local Birmingham chapter that helps disabled vets in the area with a variety of services. These services include providing financial assistance, helping with employment opportunities, and offering support and resources. There are meal delivery services for people who can’t cook as well as government-issued food surplus.

Catholic Charities is a group of churches that work together to help those in need. Everyone, including single mothers, seniors, and immigrants (documented or not), can get assistance. There are many resources available for struggling families, including free food, legal aid, housing, and diapers. If you need food assistance in the Birmingham area, Catholic Charities can help.

The Community Kitchens in Birmingham, AL may have diced tomatoes, laundry detergent, soap, peanut butter, rice, and more available, based on donations. The staff also serve meals like lunches that can either be taken to go or eaten hot.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God provides food assistance to those in need. Call the pantry for hours. This is the address for the main branch of the Birmingham Public Library in Alabama: 213 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35204. The main phone number for the library is 205-240-3096.

The Independent Presbyterian Church is located at 3100 Highland Avenue in Birmingham, Alabama. The church’s phone number is (205) 933-1687.

if someone needs help with financial assistance is the Jefferson County Department Of Human Resources Financial Assistance Office. They work with many local charities and organizations across Birmingham and Jefferson County Alabama to help improve the community. Some organizations can offer help with basic necessities like food and housing. They may also offer things like free food or classes on nutrition. These programs are designed to help families in need. To apply for food stamps from the SNAP program, go to their office. The primary office for finding public and government assistance in Alabama is located in Birmingham on Fifth Avenue South. The phone number for this office is (205) 599-6000.

The Miracle Deliverance Temple Church Of God 28 South Park Road SW in Birmingham, AL provides families living in poverty with free food. The telephone number for the church is (205) 925-2417. The store also sells hygiene products such as soap and cleaning supplies.

The Asbury UMC Food Pantry provides food to people in need in the Birmingham, AL area. They are located at 6690 Cahaba Valley Road and their main phone number is (205) 995-1700.

The Mt. Zion Community Development Center is located at 1600 – 19th Avenue North in Birmingham, AL. The center provides services such as Meals on Wheels and transportation for seniors. Food that is free of charge, as well as holiday meals, are available for the elderly.

This food pantry is located in North Birmingham and provides emergency food assistance for residents of Jefferson County.

For more information on food assistance, call the food bank at (205) 781-6060. Boxes of food may be given out in an emergency situation. The grocery store may have items such as fruits, vegetables, breads, and frozen food items. This is enough food for a few meals.

Open Door Outreach Church provides assistance to those in need, regardless of age or religion. The church is located at 125 57th Street North in Birmingham, Alabama, and can be reached by phone at (205) 591-1130. Students may be given snacks during the summer months as well.

The primary office for Project Hopewell is located in Birmingham, Alabama on Jefferson Avenue. The phone number for the office is (205) 923-0203.

Rebirth Christian Fellowship offers a food bank, thrift store, and clothing, as well as a wide variety of social service programs, including shelter, housing, and much more.

The food pantry and thrift store at Southside Baptist Church is located at 1016 19th Street South in Birmingham, Alabama. The phone number for the church is (205) 933-8381.

The Urban Ministry is a food bank located at 1229 Cotton Avenue SW in Birmingham, Alabama. The telephone number for the food bank is (205) 781-0517. Perishable and canned food items are served at the food bank. – The federal government may also have some extra commodities.

The Vineyard Outreach Clinic is a medical facility located at 7728 – 2nd Avenue South in Birmingham, Alabama. The clinic provides medical care and services to the local community. To reach the outreach center, dial (205) 478-7920.

Futures Inc. is a non-profit charity organization that offers meals, clothing, blankets, personal goods, and more.

The Kimberly Church Of God is located at 9108 Jefferson Street, Kimberly, AL 35091. The phone number for the church is (205) 647-5374.

The Freewill Reach Out Ministry is a church located at 785 Oak Street in Overton, Alabama. The church’s main phone number is (205) 956-7157. Talk to someone at the ministry about getting free food, referrals to charities that can help with clothes and other things you need, and other assistance. The Back Pack program also provides snacks for children during breaks.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is a church located at 228 Dennison Avenue SW in Birmingham, Alabama. The church provides emergency food assistance to residents of Titusville, Woodland Park, and West End. The clients that come to this organization are people who are unemployed and families who are living in poverty.

Cornerstone Life Church Of God is located at 4167 Center Point Road Pinson, AL 35126. The pantry is open Monday-Friday 9am-12pm. For hours of the pantry, dial (205) 681-3031.

The St. Paul Lutheran Church is located at 132 6th Avenue South in Birmingham, AL. The church provides a pantry service for those in need and the automated message for this service can be found at (205) 530-1623.

The Ministry Center at Green Springs is a place where various services are available in Jefferson County. The location is 2230 Green Springs Highway, Birmingham, AL 35205. You can dial (205) 326-1211 for more information. The charity provides a range of services including ESL classes, Christmas meals or gifts, free food, and help for the mentally ill and disabled. If you are disabled or a senior citizen and cannot leave your home, you may be eligible for other food programs through the USDA.

The Shepherd’s Center is a food pantry that helps the working poor or unemployed in the community by providing them with groceries, holiday meals, diapers, and more.

is an organization that helps with providing resources and services to people in need This organization provides resources and services to people who are in need. If you need assistance, please call the North Park Baptist Church at (205) 908-7985. In addition to the food pantry, other basic needs such as clothing may be met. Thanksgiving may be given out during other holidays as well, not just Thanksgiving.

The Waterstone Church is a religious facility located at 210 South Brake Street in Warrior, Alabama. The church can be contacted by phone at (205) 647-9592.

Additional free food programs in Jefferson County

There are many other places that give out free food in Jefferson County. They can offer support to groups who may need it such as senior citizens, children, and low income families. Call this number for locations near you. Information on programs that provides food for people in need, such as Meals or Wheels, emergency food boxes, and holiday meals.

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