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Free food pantries in the Provo and Utah County area.

There are food pantries, soup kitchens, and free food banks available for people who need help in Provo and Utah County. There are a number of distribution centers that operate in the region. The food bank provides free food and other supplies to low-income people, the elderly, and the unemployed. Some of the Provo food pantries also have clothing closets or thrift stores attached to them. They may also be able to provide personal hygiene items, furniture, holiday meals or baby food and formula upon request. You can find more information about the topic at the bottom of the page, including a toll-free number.

Many locations also have staff on site that can help people access and navigate various government financial and food assistance programs. They can help you with things such as food stamps and WIC. The city of Provo offers a variety of resources for low income families, such as low income housing, Feeding America backpacks with snacks for kids, and help with energy bills.

The food banks in Provo and Utah County can provide more than just groceries and meals; they can also offer access to other assistance programs for qualified individuals. This can include nutritional advice, help with utility bills, and more.

Community Action Services provides free food and other social services to residents of American Fork. To speak with a representative of the center, please dial the number and wait for the next available operator. Thank you for your patience.

They are located in Payson and their telephone number is 801-373-8200. Some places you can go to get free or low-cost items are food pantries, clothing banks, and thrift stores.

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The Provo Utah Community Action Services (CAS) is located at 815 South Freedom Blvd (200 W) Ste 100 in Provo, UT 84601. The CAS serves a numbering of neighboring counties. The Voice number for the CAS is 801-373-8200. The food pantry offers a variety of services such as case management, counseling, and grocery assistance. They also provide baby food for families in need. A major service provided by the United Way is giving people information about and referrals to government programs and/or local non-profits. Utah County residents in need can get free food from community action services.

Eagle Ranch Ministries helps Utah residents by providing food and other resources.

The free food pantry at the Agape Community Center has groceries, meals, cereal, paper goods, toiletries and more available for anyone who needs them.

Iglesia Emanuel is a charity that provides food for people in need. They are located at 1403 West 820 North in Provo, UT. You can call them at 361-944-0591.

Tabitha’s Way is a food pantry in American Fork, UT.

Each program is unique, but all exist to help those in need. The Salvation Army is one organization that provides a food pantry and soup kitchen to help those who are struggling to find their next meal. This is just one example of the many ways that people in need can find help in Utah County. The food pantry may have items such as groceries, dry goods, dairy, meat, bread, etc. There are also free Thanksgiving turkey dinners or Christmas meals available, as well as clothes and information on public benefits. The Salvation Army in Provo offers several assistance programs to help those in need. These programs include a food pantry, financial assistance, and a clothing closet.

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Tabitha’s Way is a food pantry located at 140 North Main Street in Spanish Fork, Utah. The pantry has a variety of food items available, including spaghetti and sauce, canned meat, vegetable soup, bread, vegetable mix, and peanut butter. Volunteers also deliver meals to those who are unable to leave their homes.

The Goshen Mobile Food Pantry distributes food and meals at various locations throughout Goshen, UT. To find out where the next distribution site will be, and when food and meals are provided, call 435-784-3993.

The Grace Bible Church is located at 239 South Main Street in Springville, Utah. The church has an onsite food bank that provides food for needy families in the area.

The LDS Bishop’s Storehouse in Lindon, UT provides food and other necessities to people of all faiths in need. They can be contacted at 801-785-0996. There are many items that are given away for free, such as clothes, baby formula, ensure, holiday meals, and more.

The Springville Bishop’s Storehouse is located at 1672 West 700 South in Springville, Utah. The storehouse provides supplies for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the area. Phone – 801-491-7359

The address is 1144 West Columbia Lane, Provo, Utah 84604 and the phone number is 801-374-8489. The church pantry can help people from all walks of life.

Find other free food and meals in Utah County

Feeding America provides information and referrals to other assistance programs. You can reach customer service by calling 801.978.2452. There are other food pantries near you that you can learn about. The USDA has programs that provide free school lunches or breakfasts, soup kitchens and surplus government commodities.

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