Free food pantries in Virginia Beach.

There are organizations in the Virginia Beach area that can provide resources, such as food and clothing, to people who are less fortunate. If you or your family is in need of food, there are emergency food assistance programs available to help. There are many different types of support that can be given to people who are facing a crisis. There is a list of free food options below, as well as a referral number for more assistance.

The services offered by food banks will differ from location to location. The food pantries provide nutritious groceries including proteins, fruits, and vegetables to people who need help. Some locations and churches give out free food during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some places in Virginia Beach may also have clothes, personal hygiene products or help with getting services.

The food banks’ main objectives are to help people who are hungry and families who need meals, as well as provide referrals to long term benefits such as SNAP food stamps or USDA meals for kids. The centers will offer help to those who frequently skip meals or have lower quality diets because they cannot always afford to pay for the food they need. The centers will provide assistance with food to those who cannot always afford to pay for meals or who have lower quality diets.

The food pantries, which are often located in churches, use donations of goods and money from local businesses and members of the community, as well as assistance from the US government. The purpose of these goods is to give extra items to people who need them. The pantries provide free food assistance to families and individuals in the Virginia Beach area.

The United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach provides free groceries and hot or cold meals to those in need. Other forms of assistance are also available. There are a number of churches in the area which provide assistance to those in need through things such as food and financial aid.

The First Presbyterian Church is located on 300 36th Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The church is maintained by Potter’s House. The phone number for the church is (757)428-6332.

The Mt. Olive Baptist Church provides food for those in need. The church is located at 310 North Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach, VA 23451. The food bank phone number is (757)422-3797. Call the church for hours of when food is distributed. The food bank has free food like meals, groceries, fruits, and rice. They might also have things like baby formula.

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The Freedom Fellowship is a church located at 836 Regency Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454. They offer a pantry and soup kitchen on site. For more information, you can call (757)428-3277. The charity could also provide holiday meals, like Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas meals, to low income people in Virginia Beach.

The Lem Bowden Memorial Food Closet at Eastern Shore Chapel Episcopal Church helps people in need by giving out groceries, clothing, and government surplus food. If you need assistance, you can reach them at (757)428-6763. Can help provide housing for those who are about to be homeless or are already homeless.

The Foundry United Methodist Church is located at 2801 Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The church can be reached by phone at 757-340-0595.

The food pantry is located at the Storehouse Food PantryCourthouse Community United Methodist Church on 2708 Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach. It is open every Wednesday from 10:00 am to noon and again from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

The Azalea Garden Church of God is located at 1541 Centerville Turnpike in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The main number for the church is (757) 366-0406. The church has a free food pantry and soup kitchen for people in need. You should get non-perishable food items, like canned goods, as well as perishables, like toilet paper and laundry detergent.

The Thalia Lynn Baptist Church is a church located at 4392 Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The church can be contacted by phone at (757) 499-0557.

The Salvation Army in Virginia Beach provides food pantry services, which may include fresh fruits and vegetables, applications for WIC vouchers, and more. There are also free meals and food baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Emergency financial aid, a store that sells used items, and other support is also provided in Virginia Beach. There is another site located at 5525 Raby Road, Norfolk, Virginia 23502. The phone number for this site is (757)543-8100. If you need help from the Salvation Army in Virginia Beach, you can continue to receive it.

The Mount620 Baker RdVirginia Beach, Virginia is a food source that provides a full course of food.

New Beginnings Church of Christ provides a free food pantry with canned tuna, tomato sauce, flour, spaghetti, baby formula, cereal, and bread. For hours, call (757) 420-7712.

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The Trinity Tabernacle is a church located at 5363 Old Providence Rd in Virginia Beach, VA. The church is part of the Providence Mennonite Church and can be reached at (757) 424-1784.

The food bank is located at 247 Clearfield Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 2346. The main number is (757) 518-2819. The food bank may have beans, snacks, and sauces, Peanut Butter, canned meat or chicken as well as free holiday meals.

Hope Lutheran Church is a church located in Virginia Beach, VA that offers assistance programs for those in need. These programs include free food, personal hygiene supplies, groceries, and Christmas meals or toys.

The main address for Grace Lutheran Church is 521 Providence Road in Chesapeake, Virginia. The phone number for the church is 757-420-4704.

Jewish Family Services of Tidewater focuses on helping senior citizens and the elderly. The organization is located at 5000 Corporate Woods Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and can be reached by telephone at (757) 459-4640. The US government offers various food programs, nutritional supplements, Ensure, hot meals and more to help people get the nutrients they need. Free congregate meals are available for the elderly in Virginia Beach.

The Beach Fellowship food pantry is located at 1817 General Booth Boulevard, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454. The phone number is (757)721-7388.

The food locker is a place where people in need can go to get food. The Open Door Chapel is located at 3177 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23452. The main number for the food locker is (757)340-1441.

The Lynnhaven United Methodist Church is located at 1033 Little Neck Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The church’s main phone number is (757) 340-5682.

The church provides food, meals, and groceries to those in need. Call them for food baskets and gifts on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

They are located at Brook Baptist Church. The address is 4397 Wishart Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455, and the phone number is (757)464-0371. The government can also help families living in poverty by directing them to food stamp application sites.

The Social Justice Office of the Church of the Ascension provides a Meals on Wheels service to those in need from their onsite food pantry. There may also be other items in addition to groceries, such as cleaning supplies, soap, and detergent.

The Rock Church Food Pantry is located at 640 Kempsville Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464. The main number for the food pantry is (757)217-2192.

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The Kempsville Presbyterian Church is located at 805 Kempsville Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The church’s telephone number is (757) 495-1913.

The FOTE Outreach and Community Development Program provides free Thanksgiving food baskets to those in need during the holidays. The program is located at 3420 Club House Road in Virginia Beach, VA, and can be reached at (757) 431-0052. The food bank may also have cereal, rice, snacks for students, baby formula for single moms, and other aid.

Shekinah Glory International is located at 149 Business Park Drive in Virginia Beach, VA. For intake, please call (757) 961-3444.

The Trinity Christian Fellowship church is located at 5245 Challedon Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The church’s phone number is (757) 739-5234.

The Bread of Life Outreach and Joy Ministries provides assistance to those in need through services such as supplying baby formula, diapers, groceries and hot meals. The organization is located at 1446 Kempsville Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia and can be contacted by phone at (757)420-2625. The staff also helps people apply for government programs like food stamps and WIC.

The Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and Eastern Shore is a non-profit organization that provides food assistance to those in need. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance, you can call their hotline at (757) 627-6599 to be connected with a local food pantry, soup kitchen, or holiday meal program. The Foodbank serves clients of all ages, from seniors to the homeless, and families with children in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas. Pantries help feed the hungry and working poor, offer referrals, and more.

The Catholic Church of Saint Mark provides assistance to anyone in need, regardless of religion or background. The church is located at 1505 Kempsville Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and its phone number is (757) 479-1010.

The Coastal Community Church is located on Independence Boulevard in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The main phone number for the church is (757) 233-1293.

Additional free food and hot meals in Virginia Beach

If you need food and are looking for a pantry or soup kitchen near you, you can call 757.627.6599 for more information. Referring someone to a government program like the Summer Food Service Program or Senior Brown Bag allows them to get food or hygiene supplies they need.

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