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Free health and medical clinics San Mateo County.

Medical care services in San Mateo County are provided by a variety of providers, including community clinics and health care centers. There are many places in the county where you can get basic care, like physicals, health screenings, primary health care, information on free medication programs, and referrals to specialists. Dental care and cleanings are sometimes available at certain locations, especially for children. They provide essential services to people who are low-income, or who do not have insurance, and who may not be able to access other services because of their cultural or ethnic background. Patients can save money on their medical bills by using a low cost or free clinic.

Health services are usually provided by licensed professionals such as doctors, dentists, or nurses. Some health services are provided by volunteers. Most of the care is not permanent, it is only temporary. If patients need help paying their medical bills or ongoing care, they will be referred to other services in San Mateo County or programs in California.

The Arbor Free Clinic is a facility that helps people who do not have medical insurance. Primary health care is offered by professionals, most of them volunteers, free of charge. The free clinic provides medical care to low-income, homeless or uninsured patients in Palo Alto California and other close by, surrounding areas. This means that every month, different medical services are offered to patients on a referral-only basis. These services include cardiology, opthalmology, dermatology, and checkups. Patients are served on a first-come, first-serve basis, which means that the first people to arrive will be seen first.

They offer health, dental, andbehavioral services. The MayView Community Health Center is a non-profit organization that operates three different clinics for families in San Mateo County. They offer health, dental, and behavioral services. This clinic serves uninsured and low income people in the southern-most part of San Mateo County and the northern part of Santa Clara County. We provide medical services for children, general health care for adults, women’s health care, newborn care, vaccinations, routine check-ups for children, TB testing, prenatal care, management of chronic diseases, family planning, and STS testing and treatment.

The Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) program provides prenatal classes, well-child screenings and immunizations. The website provides information and services in both Spanish and English. The health center provides a place for the uninsured to get medical care and access to health care resources.

The Ravenswood Family Health Center is a medical facility located in East Palo Alto, California. A second location is located in Menlo Park. The center provides primary health and dental care services to residents of all ages. The types of medical services offered include immunizations, prenatal and pediatrics, teen and adult medical services, family planning, asthma, care of diabetes, and treatment or advice on other chronic disease conditions. There are a variety of services that may be provided by the government in order to help people receive the health care that they need. This can include things like tests, screenings, and laboratory services, as well as subsidized prescription drugs. By making these services available, it can help to ensure that people are able to get the care they need in order to maintain their health and well-being. We also offer behavioral health services for children and adults.

The dental care offered at this facility includes teaching patients about oral hygiene, performing procedures to restore teeth, treating gum disease, performing oral surgery, and providing emergency dental assistance.

Rotacare Bay Area, Inc. is a low-cost or affordable urgent care health services provider for uninsured Coastside residents. The clinic sees patients in the order that they arrive. Medical services encompass a wide variety of treatments and procedures conducted by licensed nurses and physicians. These can include minor injuries and sprains, basic illness, infections, rashes, sore throats and fever. Some prescription drugs may be given away for free.

Seton Medical Center Clinic is a part of RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. The facility at 1900 Sullivan Avenue in Daly City, CA provides urgent care health services for uninsured residents. Different medical services that are available include treating simpler illnesses. Some common ailmants include throat pain, infection, minor injuries, sprains, rashes, and fever. These conditions may qualify for free medication and immunizations for children.

The Samaritan House is a nonprofit organization in San Mateo, California that provides basic necessities and services to low-income individuals and families.

The Redwood City Free Medical Clinic can provide free medical care to those who need it. The clinic may offer free medical care. This program is called Project Smile and it provides free dental exams and cleanings for children.

The San Mateo Free Medical Clinic provides free dental and medical care to those in need. The clinic is located at 19 West 39th Avenue in San Mateo, CA. The clinic also provides basic medical care for adults.

The San Mateo County Health System runs a mobile clinic that provides public health and preventive care services such as health counseling and referrals, blood pressure and blood sugar checks, and more. It is located on 37th Avenue in San Mateo, CA and can be reached at 650-573-2786. The Mobile center offers adult and pediatric immunizations, TB testing, initial primary care intervention, and treatment for minor illness/injury at a low cost.

The Belle Haven Community Health Clinic is located at 100 Terminal Avenue, Menlo Park, California. The clinic can be reached by phone at (650) 322-4578.

This clinic provides STD testing and treatment, OB/GYN, health education, mental health services and benefits analysis, and adult primary care.

The San Mateo Medical Center – Daly City Clinic is a facility that provides general family medical services to residents of San Mateo County, California. The clinic is located at 380 – 90th Street, Daly City, California 94015. Community health centers provide a wide range of services that include baby clinics, immunization, family planning services, HIV testing and counseling, adult primary care, senior care services, and nutrition. This means that you can get help and treatment for your teeth and mouth at this facility.

The Daly City Youth Health Center is a medical facility located at 2778-2780 Junipero Serra Blvd. in Daly City, California. The center provides various health services to young people in the community.

The Fair Oaks Clinic provides medical services including prenatal care, health assessments, treatment of acute and chronic illnesses, venereal disease screening, premarital exams, family planning, pregnancy testing and referral, immunizations. Some dental clinics offer low-cost services specifically for children and teenagers. This may include a discount on routine cleanings and exams, or free services for those in need.

San Mateo Medical Center is located on 222 – 39th Avenue in San Mateo, CA. The main campus is located nearby at (650) 573-2222.

The Ron Robinson Senior Care Center is located at 222 West 39th Avenue in San Mateo, California.

San Mateo County Health System and the South San Francisco Clinic are both located on Spruce Avenue in South San Francisco, CA.

1 Menlo Park, CA 94025 The Willow Clinic is located at 795 Willow Road in Menlo Park, California. It is a medical facility that provides care and treatment to patients. Dental, medical, and vision services are available at this location. Services are affordable and variable rate depending on what is needed. They also offer specialty care services such as AIDS services.

The address of Stanford University Clinic is 900 Blake Wilbur Drive in Palo Alto, California.

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