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Free health care clinics Newark and Essex County New Jersey.

If you cannot afford medical care in Newark, New Jersey, there are some clinics that offer free health and dental care to low-income elderly and uninsured people. The person who lives in Essex County will have to fill out an application and meet the requirements of the program. If they are found to be qualified, they may be able to get some medical services at a lower price or for free.

The health and dental centers offer many services, most of which are provided by doctors, nurses, and dentists. Sometimes these services are provided in partnership with volunteers. They offer physical examinations, immunizations, health education, visual and hearing screening, and children and family care at a low cost. Some people in Newark who have low incomes may be able to get a discount on their utility bills.

If you need help, you can apply for it at a community clinic. A specialist will evaluate your eligibility for free medical care and assist you with the application process. The clinics listed below can provide you with information about Essex County New Jersey.

The Tri-City People’s Corporation is located at 582 S 19th St. in Newark, New Jersey. The main phone number for the corporation is (973) 374 – 5252.

The Dayton Street Health Center is a medical facility that provides care for those who are uninsured or underinsured. To find out the hours of operation or to schedule an appointment, please call 973-565-0355. If you have oral health issues, the county can provide dental clinics in the area.

The Newark Community Health Center has several locations across Newark, New Jersey. The center provides various services such as dental care, women’s health assistance, podiatry services, pediatric services, OB/GYN, and other general medical care. You can contact the health center by phone at 973-483-1300.

The Bergen Street Center is a health center located in Newark, New Jersey. The center provides medical care to the community and is open Monday through Friday.

Newark Community Health Center provides basic medical and dental services at a reduced cost for qualifying patients. The residents of Newark, New Jersey will only be required to pay an amount of their bills that they can afford. If residents have any questions, they can call 973-565-0355 for more information.

The Newark Homeless Health Care provides aid or referrals to those people who lack insurance or are on the verge of eviction or are currently homeless. The address for the University of Newark is 394 University Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07102. The primary phone number for the school is 973-733-5300.

The North Newark Health Center serves the northern part of Newark, New Jersey. It can be reached at 973-483-1399.

It is located in Newark, New Jersey, on Bergen Street. The clinic offers a wide range of services, including immunizations, physicals, and treatment for common illnesses.

The main goal is to make sure that the residents of the area have access to quality health care. The center will also offer services to those who are under-insured or have no insurance at all. This means having regular check-ups, being immunized against diseases, getting prenatal care, having flu shots, and being screened for cancer. It also means having regular check-ups during childhood.

Newark Community Health Centers strives to provide the best quality care possible. Newark Community Health Centers is a medical and dental center that focuses on helping low income, uninsured, and disadvantaged people in Irvington, New Jersey. The health center strives to provide the best quality care possible.

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