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Free health clinics Summit County and Akron Ohio.

You may be able to get affordable or even free medical care from clinics in Summit County and Akron. Several clinics that are non-profit and charitable help people who do not have health insurance, the poor or low income and others. Community clinics and health care centers typically offer lower-cost medical care and medications on a sliding scale basis, meaning that the cost is based on your ability to pay. They may also offer free medical care on a walk-in basis. There are clinics in the Summit County Ohio area that help women with their health and give free assistance to income qualified families and individuals.

The clinics and healthcare centers listed below have their own programs for low-income patients, which may be offered for free to those without insurance or with limited insurance coverage. -Some provide dental care, mental health services, or behavioral health services. Immunizations, physicals, surgery, emergency care, check ups and more are all services that are offered. Oftentimes individuals need to make a certain amount of money, or possibly make less money than the government poverty level, or be unemployed.

Community clinics offer medical and dental care, but it is recommended that you call in advance to get more information on the services offered and the hours of the facility.

This medical center is located at 1400 South Arlington Street, Unit 38 in Akron, Ohio. Phone number for this location is (330) 724-5471. A number of medical programs are offered at this center, including a sliding fee scale. Some services that are provided are physicals, family planning, immunizations, prescription medications, and more. There may also be options for government health insurance and specialty care.

The Community Health Center offers family practice, adolescent services, and administration at its location on East Market Street in Akron, Ohio. The center can be reached by dialing (330) 315-3706.

The Summit County Free Clinic is open Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm. The clinic is located at 941 Princeton Street in Akron, Ohio. The phone number to call for appointments is (330) 434-0110.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provides free or low-cost medical and dental care for military veterans and their families. The case managers and specialists at this center also work closely with government health insurance and medical programs to help veterans get the care and benefits they need.

The Nursing Center for Community Health at the University of Akron provides health care services to the community through the Alpha Phi Alpha Village Clinic. The clinic is located at 730 Callis Drive, Room 104, in Akron, Ohio, and can be reached by phone at (330) 376-2407.

The Mary Gladwin Clinic is a community health clinic located at the University of Akron. The clinic provides nursing care for the community and is open to the public. Appointments can be made by calling (330) 972-6968.

The Barberton Community Health Clinic is a non-profit organization that offers medical care and support to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. The clinic is located at 113 9th Street Northwest in Barberton, Ohio, and can be reached at (330) 745-7471. This means that people who cannot afford medical care can still get the help they need.

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