Assistance Program

Fremont and Chaffee County assistance program.

There are options available to people who are struggling to pay their bills or meet their basic needs. What are some programs available to help pay for emergency needs? There are a variety of places that can offer financial assistance for things like expenses, bills, housing, and other costs. This can include churches, non-profits, community action agencies, and more.

The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments is based in Canon City, Colorado. It is located on Independence Road. The Upper Arkansas Area Agency on Aging is a local community action agency that partners with various resources and organizations to help provide services and support for older adults in the area. Two groups work together to provide emergency financial assistance to low-income people and offer other programs for seniors and the elderly. The organizations in the Chaffee and Fremont region collaborate to provide services to the community.

Receive groceries from the Temporary Emergency Assistance Program. If you are part of a low-income family with children or seniors, you may be able to get free food, including perishables. This program can only be used a few times a year.

Head Start is a program that helps low-income families by providing preschool and educational preparation. This program is available in Colorado and across the nation. This program provides educational and social services to children aged 3 to 5 from low-income families, based on the family’s income, need, and age.

Head Start provides children and families with support and resources. Examples of things that can help improve kids’ health include free or affordable food, nutrition education, and access to healthcare. Parents can participate in training classes and workshops on many subjects, such as job training, child rearing, information on proper health and nutrition, and using free resources and accessing government programs in your own community. Some parents can take classes to learn how to read or improve literacy, or even learn the English language. Head Start in Fremont also offers assistance to parents who want to get an adult education, like a high school General Equivalency Diploma (GED).

The Section 8 Housing Assistance Payment Program is a government program that helps people pay for housing. However, it is administered by the Colorado Division of Housing, as well as local community action agencies, such as the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments. It can help pay for, and provide, safe and sanitary rental housing to low-income people. 2 of your textbook. This section of the textbook covers how to use possessive pronouns. Possessive pronouns are used to show who owns something. They can be used to replace a noun phrase. For example, instead of saying “The dog’s toys are under the bed,” you could say “The toys are under the bed.”

Section 8 provides a voucher that can be used to pay rent for low and very-low income families, handicapped, singles, senior citizens, and the disabled.

The UAACOG Home Improvement Loan Program can use Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to pay for home improvements. There are a few programs that offer very low interest loans to low-income families living in rural areas like Fremont and Chaffee Counties. While the interest rates are low, these families still have to be able to afford the monthly payments on the loan. The purpose of these funds and loans is to help people pay for needed repairs or replacement items for their homes. There are other loan programs available in addition to the one you are currently using.

The Loan Program can help pay for things like repairing a leaking roof, fixing a crumbling foundation, repairing a heating system, fixing plumbing, and repairing septic tanks. Other ways to save energy and conserve resources can also be paid for, such as efficient windows, caulking, and similar updates.

The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments can be reached by calling (719) 275-8350.

Loaves and Fishes Ministries of Fremont County is a part of the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments and offers rent, mortgage, and utility bill assistance. The office is located at 241 Justice Center Rd., Canon City, CO, 81212. The phone number is 719-275-0593. The Sharing the Love of God program helps people who are having trouble paying for their basic needs. After an interview and application process is completed, all assistance paid out will be background checked and payments will be made directly to vendors or landlords. A food bank is a place where people who can’t afford to buy food can go to get it for free. Every year, food banks across the country give away millions of pounds of food to people in need.

Manna House provides clothes for people who need them, either new or gently used. 14th Street The address of the building is 208 West 14th Street. The address is Main St., Florence, Colorado 81226 and the phone number is 719-784-1955.

The Arkansas Valley Christian Mission provides food for people in need. The address is 122 Cottonwood Ave., Buena Vista, Colorado 81211, and the phone number is 719-395-9321. This food pantry is the only one serving Buena Vista, Colorado, and it can help people of all religions.

The First Presbyterian Church provides food, meals, and groceries to those in need. The address is 7 Poncha Boulevard in Salida, Colorado and the phone number is 719-539-6422.

New Caring & Sharing has a soup kitchen where people can come and eat for free several days a week. This ministry provides soup and other food items to people in need. The phone number is 719-539-4849.

The Golden Age Center provides federal government commodities to people in need. The center is in Canon City, Colorado. For information, please call 719-275-5177.

Clinics and public health care

Fremont Public Health only provides immunizations to low income children. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 719-275-1626.

The Chaffee People’s Clinic provides medical care to people who do not have health insurance. The community clinic wants to help everyone in the community have good health by making sure they can go to the clinic for medical care, no matter how much money they have or where they come from. You can reach Buena Vista Linderman at 719-395-3238, or by mail at 114 Linderman, Buena Vista, Colorado 81201.

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