Assistance Program

Friends In Deed assistance programs in Washtenaw County.

The Washtenaw County agency can help with different needs like food, clothes, and shelter. The organization helps people in need by working with local religious congregations and churches, regardless of the background or culture of the people they are helping. The organization may provide free food, clothing, direct financial assistance for bills and rent, and other basic needs.

We will work with the community to help those who are low income and need assistance. Some examples of resources that can help people in need are financial assistance, furniture, congregational services, applications for public benefits, and agency referrals. There are many volunteers who help with services and requests for assistance from churches and other congregations.

Clearinghouse referrals is the name of a service that provides information and guidance to clients. If you qualify, you can learn about social services and emergency financial assistance programs in the Washtenaw County area. People who need help can be referred to churches and programs that can help them. They also hand out resource guides for free or cheap clothing, household items, and medical supplies. To reach someone by phone, dial 734-484-4357.

Direct financial assistance is available from religious congregations, non-profit community resources, or from their own FID Direct Assistance Fund. It can also be used to cover unexpected expenses like medical bills or emergency travel costs. Money can also be used to purchase items that will improve your quality of life, like a new sofa or a trip to the movies. Money and gifts of money are also given to help with health care and employment needs. The cost of living can be difficult to manage, especially when trying to make ends meet. The Friends In Deed program offers assistance with a variety of needs that may not be covered by other county agencies. This includes help with prescriptions, transportation, medical needs, housing and more. In case you want more information on this option, please call (734) 484-4357.

The Friends In Deed organization operates a Furniture Program that provides furniture for people in need. This will connect donors with families in Washtenaw who need help. The non-profit has volunteers that help run the furniture phone line and also provide pick-up and delivery assistance if the person receiving the furniture is unable to pick it up on their own. Some examples of donations are beds, cribs, and other gently used goods. This is a phone number.

Some organizations offer programs that provide car repairs or donations to those in need as a result of grant funding. For families that qualify for low income and need transportation for work or training, very minor car repairs are done. This is only for people who use their cars to go to the doctor or work regularly. There are other programs in Washtenaw County Michigan that may be able to help pay for auto repairs. The FID also accepts donated cars. If someone in the community needs transportation for work, they may be provided with a donated car. Call (734) 484-4357.

The Salvation Army holds an annual bed and crib drive to provide holiday assistance for families in need. The organization is looking for people to buy a new box spring, mattress, frame, bedbug covers, crib, and/or mattress for a baby or person without a healthy sleeping environment. Friends in Deed will also have information on other holiday assistance programs, gifts, and meals offered by local partners, such as the Salvation Army. This means that other people may be able to provide you with more information. Call this number: 734-484-7607

Church volunteers provide a variety of services to the needy, seniors, and disabled as needed. Some of the things that may be able to be arranged are smaller household repairs, help with moving, and more. If you are able, please help out your community by volunteering. If you want more information, you can call this number.

Friends In Deed is a nonprofit organization based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Its mission is to provide support and resources to people in need in the community. The main office phone number for this organization is 734.484.HELP. They work with many volunteers and churches.

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