Garland County Arkansas free food pantries.

Families in Garland County who are struggling to provide food for their household can go to a free pantry for help. There are places in Hot Springs Arkansas and other towns where you can get free groceries or a hot meal if you are working and don’t have much money.

The food banks will also offer other types of assistance. The most common Christmas services are free meals or small gifts for children, which are coordinated by volunteers. In addition to the clothes, baby formula, and diapers that you can get at this location, other locations may also provide these things. Some pantries offer assistance with bills, but this is not as common. The Salvation Army also provides free turkey dinners to those in need during the holiday season.

Case managers will also help with applying for food stamps or other government support. The programs in Garland County are designed to be more long-term solutions for hunger in the community.

Commodities are available to eligible low income households. The Community Services Office in Hot Springs, Arkansas provides low income households with access to surplus USDA commodities, non-perishable food, groceries, and referrals. They also offer assistance to other programs such as Head Start or SNAP food stamps. The Arkansas Department of Human Services provides information about public assistance programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The Crossgates Abba Food Pantry is located at 3100 East Grand Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The pantry provides emergency food assistance to those in need. Low income families can receive food assistance from the government in the form of groceries, canned goods, and more.

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The Eleanor Klugh Jackson House is a place for people in crisis to go for help. It is located at 705 Malvern Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the phone number to call for assistance is (501) 623-4048.

The Harvey’s Chapel Baptist Church has a food bank and clothing closets available for those in need. The address is 2515 Mount Pine Road, Hot Springs, AR 71913 and the phone number is (501) 767-5541. There may be work attire or back to school supplies available for Garland County families.

The Lakeside Baptist Church is located at 3602 Malvern Road in Hot Springs, AR 71901. The main phone number for the church is (501) 262-2063. Christmas and holiday food baskets may also be on site.

The Piney Grove Methodist Church is located at 2963 Airport Road in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The church has a food pantry that is open to the public. For hours of the pantry, please call (501) 767-4765.

The Salvation Army Center in Hot Springs is a place where volunteers and members of the community can donate clothing, furniture, and other items. The goods are then given to clients who are qualified. There is also a place where you can get soup and food. The Salvation Army also provides Christmas meals, Easter baskets, turkeys for Thanksgiving, and Meals on Wheels in Garland County.

The Lake Hamilton Assembly of God is located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The church provides a food pantry, clothing bank, and soup kitchen for those in need. There may be free food, dairy products, baby formula, and more available in Hot Springs.

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The emergency food pantry at Trinity Church in Hot Springs, AR is open at various hours. Call (501) 624-6453 to learn the current hours of operation.

The Bible Tabernacle is a church located in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. The church’s phone number is (501) 624-2659.

The Chief Indian Ministry is a Christian organization that serves Native Americans in Garland County, Arkansas. Their main phone number is (501) 318-9245.

The Cornerstone UpcMain is a food bank located at 1870 East Grand Street #22 in Hot Springs National Park, AR. They offer boxes of groceries, free food, holiday meals, and more to those in need. The staff can also help families who are poverty-stricken to apply for food stamps.

The Eleanor Klugh Jackson House offers a number of services to those in need, including a noon lunch meal and emergency boxes of food.

The Emmanuel Baptist Church has a free pantry that provides hygiene supplies, peanut butter, paper products, groceries, and much more.

The Helping Hands Food Pantry at Lakeside Baptist Church in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas provides boxes of food a few times per year to low income families. Some other programs that are offered are a soup kitchen, blankets for people who are homeless, and other forms of assistance.

The Jackson House is located at 705 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901. The phone number for the Jackson House is (501) 623-4048.

The Lake Hamilton Church Of The Nazarene is located at 200 Lockhaven Street in Hot Springs National Park, AR. The pantry can be reached at (501) 767-4466.

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The Masters Table provides assistance to those in need through programs such as a meal site, free food bank, counseling, and more.

This is a faith-based organization that provides assistance to those in need. They offer a variety of services, including food and clothing assistance, financial assistance, and counseling. The church’s free food pantry can help residents in an emergency. Some places may give out groceries, hygiene supplies, paper goods, and other items for free.

Piney Grove Methodist Church is located at 2963 Airport Road in Hot Springs National Park, AR. The church can be contacted at (501) 767-4765.

Food pantries help people who cannot afford to buy food as well as seniors. Some volunteers may even work for a food delivery service for people who are unable to leave their homes. Oasis Ministries provides free groceries, food boxes, and referrals for people in need. The organization is located at 407 Ouachita Street in Hot Springs National Park, AR, and can be reached by calling (501) 321-9923.

The First Baptist Church of Mountain Pine is located at the intersection of 5th and Mountain View. The church’s main phone number is (501) 767-3485.

The food pantry is at 319 Church Street in Hot Springs. If you need help, please call 501-623-2975.

The food bank at Ten Mile Missionary Baptist Church is available to those in need from Garland County.

If you are hungry and live in this county, please call 501.565.8121. Other local organizations that may provide food assistance include food pantries or soup kitchens.

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