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Genesis Home housing and assistance programs.

Genesis Home helps people who are homeless by providing housing and support. The services offered by the organization vary depending on the needs of the individual or family. They have a program specifically for the disabled, as well as resources for families with children or seniors. The organization and its partners are committed to helping the less fortunate in the community by providing programs that cater to specific target groups.

Family Matters provides support and short term housing for families with children, including single parents. The guest will have a place to stay and will receive help with long-term planning and stability.

The goal is to help the family become independent. This is done by helping them increase their educational levels and/or enroll into job training. This can be done by providing financial assistance, academic support, or access to resources. Other components of the program include classes on developing financial literacy, improving family health and wellness, and help with transitioning into permanent, safe and affordable housing in Durham County.

Genesis Home will also support single mothers. The services can help them and also give them ideas for other things they may need, like child care or help with other problems. The other focus is to provide them with basic needs, including food and clothing.

Genesis Home provides financial assistance for disabled people who need help with rent or housing. This program, Turning Point, is very small scale and is only for a few select families. This organization provides financial assistance in times of need along with guidance and support through case management.

The program is only for adults with a diagnosed disability, and applicants must enroll in any needed counseling or medical care. It also touches upon issues such as substance abuse, mental health, and other development disabilities that may need to be addressed in order to achieve stability.

Turning Point’s case management is very thorough. This will help people to earn more money by giving them training in a particular skill or job, or by providing other support. The clients will need to set goals for themselves and work towards achieving them. A case manager will be assigned to each client to help them achieve their goals. To receive housing assistance from Genesis Home, the disabled individual will need to work towards a number of different goals.

The Durham County Department of Social Services is available to help with referrals. There is someone who can help you get government grants or other help from local non-profits if you need housing assistance.

The information phone number is 919-560-8014. A coordinator will ask the applicant about their income, expenses, and other information as part of this application or referral process. Next, you will be given a referral to the best program possible.

The Housing Intake Coordinator from Genesis Home will also stay in contact with local non-profit agencies or government authorities to see if there are any openings for rental support or other benefits.

Circles of Support is a program that helps currently homeless people. Faith based groups partner with Genesis Home to offer shelter, transitional housing, clothing, and other items to those in need. The program will help homeless people or families by giving them the power to improve their situation, while also providing the help and guidance needed to keep their housing in the long term.

Case management services are always required, no matter what other programs an individual is using. A professional worker from the agency will meet with the client and, together, create a plan based on goals and other objectives. This also must be followed. The goal is to find out what led to the difficulties or homelessness, and then create a plan to address it.

Genesis Home will help people apply for financial assistance from the government. They will help with finding a job, and this includes working with employers in Durham to find a job that is suitable for the client. There is also the option to repair one’s credit score, as most low income housing units require a decent credit score.

This means that if you need help with anything else, your case manager can provide support and guidance. This includes more life skills issues, such as anger management, dealing with domestic violence, and programs for single parents. Many of the challenges that lead a person to become homeless can be addressed by Genesis Home. We work with participants to identify and address these challenges.

Los Angeles Street The main address is 300 N. Los Angeles Street. This is the address of the Los Angeles Police Department. Queen Street is located in Durham, North Carolina 27701. To find out more about these housing programs and how to access them, please call 919-683-5878.

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