Get foreclosure help in Bronx.

If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage in the Bronx, New York, there are programs available to help you. You can get free or low-cost counseling and assistance with your mortgage and foreclosure. There are several organizations that can help homeowners who are behind on their mortgage or at risk of foreclosure. These organizations, which include ones certified by HUD, offer different programs to help these homeowners.

The HUD foreclosure counseling agencies in the Bronx are also committed to addressing the root causes of foreclosure, and will provide credit repair, budgeting, and other financial advice to help people stay in their homes. This means that the company will offer other services to customers who take out loans. This means that counselors can help change the terms of your home loan, lower the interest rate, and get rid of any fees charged. If you need help in the Bronx New York area, please call one of the numbers below for more information or to apply for assistance.

American Debt Resources is a company that helps people with their debt. The company is located in East Northport, New York and the phone number is 1-800-498-0766.

Asian Americans for Equality is an organization that helps Asian Americans living in the Bronx and surrounding areas. They provide support and resources to help them succeed in life.

The Center for New York City Neighborhoods is a government agency that provides housing and foreclosure solutions to all New Yorkers, including Bronx homeowners. There are programs that the federal government offers to help with mortgages, as well as programs offered by individual states. There are many ways for people who are having financial difficulties to get help. Many of the services available do not require payment. They work closely with dozens of other non-profit HUD counselors across the region to help individuals with their housing needs.

The address for the center is CHANGER402 Chestnut Street Brooklyn, NY 11208 and the phone number is 718-304-7753.

This location is in the Bronx and serves northern Westchester County as well. The non-profit agency is part of the national federal government credit and housing counseling HUD organizations. If you need help with your mortgage or debt, there are many options available to help you.

The Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement is an organization that works to improve the lives of residents in the Harlem community of New York City. The organization has an office on Fredrick Douglass Boulevard in Manhattan and can be reached by phone at 212-281-4887.

The Housing Action Council is a non-profit organization that provides low-cost or free housing counseling services to residents of the Peekskill area. To make an appointment, call 914-734-8889 or 914-734-8928.

Bronx – Legal Services of New York City is a program that has numerous attorneys who volunteer their time and energy. The lawyers will help homeowners keep their homes by preventing a foreclosure. The organization can help Bronx families by mediating on their behalf, representing their best interests, and providing extensive assistance for illegal or predatory home and sub prime loans.

You can contact them at their toll free number: 888-845-5669 ext: 4120. The organization can offer borrowers information and advice on how to modify their loans. A specialist may also be able to help you work out a payment plan or program with your lender.

This is the address and phone number for the Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City – Homeownership Center.

NIS helps people in southern Westchester County and the Bronx with their housing. You can reach them by calling 718-732-8151.

NIS is a Bronx based organization that provides housing services to low-income residents.

(NIDC) is a non-profit real estate development and asset management organization that acquires, develops and manages commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate projects that create and preserve affordable housing and support economic development. NIDC is a non-profit organization that acquires, develops, and manages commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate projects that create and preserve affordable housing and support economic development. The National Institute of Dramatic Art and Cartooning is located at 2523 Olinville Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467. The main phone number for the office is 718-231-9800 ext: 13.

The New York City Commission on Human Rights is a government organization that protects the human rights of citizens in New York City. They have a office on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and their phone number is 718-579-6900. Nos Quedamos / We Stay is an organization that helps immigrants in the Bronx, and their phone number is 718-585-2323.

The New York City Comptroller’s office is located at 1 Centre Street in Room 835. The office’s phone number is 212-669-4915.

The Parodneck Foundation is a non-profit organization located in New York City. The Foundation provides grants and financial assistance to individuals and families in need.

West Bronx Neighborhood and Housing Resource Center is a federally certified housing counseling agency that helps low to moderate income homeowners in the Bronx, as well as people who are facing foreclosure. They offer a variety of services to help people keep their homes and improve their financial situation. If you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, you can call and make an appointment to speak with a counselor. They can tell you about different programs that may be able to help you avoid foreclosure.

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