Food Pantries

Get free Christmas gifts or food by mail or home delivery.

Some charities may send free Christmas gifts to people who need help during the holidays. They use volunteers to deliver the toys and presents to those who cannot leave their homes. Christmas is a time where people give each other presents, but it is possible to get presents without even asking for them. Some companies or organizations will send out presents to people for free, and all you have to do is wait for them to come in the mail. This is not very common, but it does happen occasionally. If you are in need of a present during Christmas, it might be worth looking into this option. To learn more about how to apply, and the process that may take place, look for more information.

It’s not common to get any type of assistance. Many people who cannot leave their homes or who do not have transportation to a holiday program distribution site rely on Christmas gifts being delivered to them by mail. This is also true for families who live in rural areas or who are not near another holiday program. The homebound are people who are either sick, elderly, or have a disability that limits their mobility. Some people who cannot go to a local charity program to get Christmas presents may be able to get them delivered by mail.

Types of holiday assistance offered by mail or home delivery

There are a few agencies and programs that may help with this problem. The Meals on Wheels program provides meals to people who are unable to cook for themselves, year-round including during holidays. Volunteers deliver free hot meals or frozen food boxes to the homebound as well as a small present during the Christmas season. Meals on Wheels is a national service that uses donations to help provide meals for those in need. When funding allows, they may also arrange for the client to get a Christmas gift via mail.

Some holiday assistance programs may send gifts to low-income families who don’t have transportation. Maybe they can’t get to a local agency because they don’t have a car or there aren’t any bus routes near them.

America is a large country. There are millions of people who live in both rural and sparsely populated areas. Some parents may have kids who need a free Christmas toy or gift, but the parents live too far away from a holiday assistance program. Some charities, such as the Salvation Army, may send a free gift in the mail in these cases. If a child’s parents are not registered on a Toys for Tots site, the organization may still try to help the child by arranging delivery or sending some items in the mail.

Where to apply for free Christmas toys and gifts in the mail

There are a few options noted above. This type of assistance is not common. If it is offered, it is done so on an exception basis. Additionally, applications for mail delivery would need to be completed and approved early on in the process to account for the extra time needed to process the applications and deliver the mail. There are a few places you can go for help during Christmas. The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots are two good options.

If you are looking for free holiday food or groceries that are delivered to your home, Meals on Wheels is an option. This is generally for those who are unable to leave their homes (sick, elderly, or disabled). If you are in need of food during the holidays or any time, you can try going to a food pantry. Food pantries are places where you can get food for free or at a very low cost.

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