Get free legal advice and assistance in Connecticut.

There are many law firms and attorneys in Connecticut who can give you free legal advice. This organization partners various pro-bono firms and attorneys together so they can offer free legal services. If someone has a low income, is working and poor, or is elderly, they may be able to get free legal advice and referrals. The representatives will help them find the right legal aid program in Connecticut.

The free legal aid and assistance programs in Connecticut are only available for family and civil cases. There is no help available for criminal cases. If you are suing someone for monetary damages, the program will not provide free legal assistance. This means that they are not trying to make money off of their clients. The following are examples of the types of assistance that may be provided: – help with everyday tasks such as shopping and cooking – help with personal care such as washing and dressing – help with household tasks such as cleaning and laundry – help with transport to appointments or social activities – respite care to give carers a break – emotional support.

Free legal aid for foreclosures

Many families in Connecticut are struggling to pay for housing. The housing crisis is affecting many people in different ways. Some people are being evicted from their apartments, losing their homes to foreclosure, or having difficulty paying rent. Others are facing discrimination in housing. They may need legal help for tenant repair issues and have other housing problems. If you are facing foreclosure, there are attorneys who can help you and provide free legal advice. Attorneys can also advise people on how to avoid getting their utility and heating service disconnected.

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Bankruptcy, consumer debt, and credit issues

If you are struggling with consumer or financial issues, you may want to speak with an attorney for legal assistance. You can get help and advice on bankruptcy, credit and debt, credit access, unfair sales practices, and consumer fraud. Predatory lenders are those who take advantage of homeowners by offering them loans with unfair terms and conditions. Homeowners can get help from organizations that deal with such lenders and protect their rights. This means that attorneys can help you manage your personal debts and payments.

Law programs for senior citizens

This service provides support for those who may need help with legal matters pertaining to their health and wellbeing as they age. This may include receiving a will, guidance on appointing a power of attorney, guardianships, and support in dealing with nursing home issues, among other things. As more and more people in Connecticut get older, they are increasingly needing this service.

Employment law

People who are unemployed or have been fired face unique problems. This means that if you are unemployed, poor, or low-income, you can get free legal help from a lawyer in Connecticut. File a claim for unemployment benefits if you have lost your job. You may be eligible for benefits if you meet certain requirements. File a wage claim if you have not been paid the wages you are owed. You may be able to file a claim online. Workers have rights under the law. If you believe your rights have been violated, you may be able to file a discrimination claim. If you work more than 40 hours in a week, you may be eligible for overtime pay.

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Help with government programs

Connecticut Statewide Legal Services provides assistance to low-income individuals with understanding and navigating state and federal government programs. The application and approval process for government benefits can be confusing and difficult to navigate without help. Many people rely on free legal advice to ensure they are completing the process correctly and have the best chance of being approved for benefits. This article provides information on how to obtain access to health insurance and medical care, social security benefits, and other government programs. Some information on how to apply for disability benefits is also available.

Contact information for free legal aid in Connecticut

If you need legal assistance, your first call should be to Statewide Legal Services. This organization provides free legal help to those who need it. The organization may be able to answer your questions, or they can refer you to free attorneys and law firms that are located throughout the state. You can call (800) 453-3320 to learn more about this or to apply.

Additionally, there are law firms that provide free services to the public. This means that if you need legal assistance and live in one of these areas, you may be able to get help from Connecticut Legal Services. They offer free advice on a range of topics, from eviction prevention to information on the Older Americans Act. This is a legal aid service that provides assistance to low-income individuals in the Fairfield and New London areas. The service can help with a variety of legal matters, including housing, family, and immigration issues.

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