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Get free legal advice and consultations  in Kentucky.

There are several places that residents of Kentucky can go for free legal aid if they have a low income. There are several pro-bono, non-profit firms that are funded by both the federal government and private donations. If you need legal advice or representation in court in Kentucky, there are a number of places you can turn to for help. Some legal aid organizations offer free or low-cost services, and there are also a number of pro bono programs that can connect you with a lawyer who is willing to provide free legal assistance. You can also contact your local bar association or the Kentucky State Bar Association for referrals to attorneys who may be able to help. This means that if you are elderly, a single parent, or low income, you can get free legal advice from a lawyer.

Legal help to prevent evictions

Many people are struggling to make their rent and housing payments. Some law firms in Kentucky are willing to help people who are struggling to keep their homes or apartments. This assistance may be available to those who can show that they are experiencing a hardship.

Attorneys can help with eviction hearings and appeals, and also try to help solve problems between the landlord and tenant so the tenant can keep their housing. The goal is to help people who are in need of a place to live, and to stop them from being evicted from their homes.

Landlord disputes in Kentucky

Landlord and tenant disagreements can be a problem, in addition to evictions. There are services and resources available to help tenants who are struggling with difficult landlords. These resources can provide legal aid and assistance in dealing with the landlord. There are cases where the landlord is being unreasonable with the rent, not providing a safe or clean living space, or not giving adequate living space. When tenants are faced with unlawful evictions, they can get help from the government.

Illegal or unfair mortgages and loans

Many banks and lenders issued loans to lower income families and others during the housing boom, even if the terms of the loan were not ideal for the borrowers. These mortgage loans were designed to take advantage of the borrower, and were often unfair, misleading, or deceptive. Now that many homeowners are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments, lawyers can help them deal with the legal aspects of their situation. If you are struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments, you may be eligible for free legal and foreclosure assistance. This assistance can help you keep your home and avoid foreclosure.

Legal foreclosure assistance

Many of the law firms in Kentucky have been approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This means that lawyers can help people who are facing foreclosure by providing free counseling, assistance, and other legal services. There are many resources available to people who are facing foreclosure. These resources can help them keep their homes. There are programs in Kentucky that can help people who are facing foreclosure. These programs can provide financial assistance and other resources to help keep people in their homes.

Legal advice for consumer debt and income programs in Kentucky

There are non-profit law firms in Kentucky that can help people with financial and consumer debt problems, even if they are not well-known. Being able to earn and save money is essential to being able to support oneself and one’s family. This is especially important during times when the economy is not doing well. The loss of a family members job may lead to a loss of housing, an eviction, foreclosure filing, loss of insurance and access to health care. In worst case, it may even cause the breakup of the family.

A lawyer can provide guidance on what to do in difficult situations. They can direct them to resources that may be available to them in Kentucky. They can help residents not only coordinate the debt reduction programs, but also apply for federal or state benefits.

Some workers who have lost their jobs, are facing a hardship, or have become disabled may be eligible for federal and state of Kentucky assistance programs. These programs can provide a source of income for the worker’s family. A non-profit attorney can provide free guidance on this process and advise them on the rights that a consumer has.

If you are struggling with medical or consumer debt, you can get free legal advice to help you deal with the situation. This means that they can help you agree on how much money you owe and how you will pay it back. The website provides more information for attorneys who want to settle debts.


If you need help finding or keeping a job, you can get free legal aid. Lawyers can help you with any legal problems that might get in the way of you getting a job or job training. They can make sure that you were not illegally terminated or denied unemployment benefits from the government. attorneys can create more job opportunities for people with disabilities

Domestic issues

If you are in a difficult domestic situation such as divorce, domestic violence, child custody, protection orders, or other family issues, you may be eligible for assistance from various programs. These pro-bono law firms provide free legal advice and representation to those who cannot afford it. They operate in Kentucky and can help with the civic county process.

Free non-profit law firms in Kentucky

For more information or to speak to an attorney, contact any of the following agencies or firms in Kentucky. If you are low income, you can get free consultations and advice.

The Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky is a non-profit organization that provides legal assistance to low-income people in Appalachian Kentucky. This law firm provides free civil legal advice and representation in a 37 county region in Eastern and South Central Kentucky. This firm provides services to over 225,000 people who are eligible. This is a telephone number.

This law firm provides legal aid to people in the western part of Kentucky. The newspaper covers six different areas including Bowling Green, Madisonville, Paducah, Hopkinsville, Owensboro, and Glasgow. This non-profit law firm can be contacted at 1 (866) 452-9243.

This organization provides legal assistance to those in need in 33 counties in Kentucky. The lawyers and other legal professionals associated with this organization strive to ensure that everyone has access to justice, regardless of their ability to pay for it. They provide free civil legal assistance and consultations to low income and other qualified individuals. The number 859-431-8200 can be written a few different ways. The most common way to write it is with hyphens between the numbers, like this: 859-431-8200.

This firm provides legal assistance to those who cannot afford it. Contact (800) 292-1862 for free legal assistance.

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