Assistance Program

Glenn County assistance programs.

You can get help with your monthly rent payments and prevent an eviction

If you are struggling to keep a roof over your head, you may be able to get help through a government grant. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has set aside $1.6 million to help people with housing and rent assistance. The program is being run by Glenn County’s Community Action Agency. Residents of Glenn, Tehama, Colusa, and Trinity counties can also receive assistance.

The federally funded program provides funds to help with short to medium term rental assistance, rental security deposits, utility bill deposits, and hotel and motel vouchers for up to seven days.

The amount of rental assistance being provided can vary from one to three months of payments, and the medium-term rent subsidies may go from anywhere from four to 18 months, depending on the clients’ financial situation. They also partner with government programs that provide housing vouchers for low-income families.

This rental assistance program is for people who are facing eviction, have a home in foreclosure, have a serious medical illness, or have lost a job. Someone who is already homeless would be more likely to need and use a homeless shelter than someone who is not homeless. While homeowners who have been foreclosed on would not receive money from this assistance program to help them pay their mortgage, they could get funds to help them pay rent on another home or apartment.

Another benefit of this program is the ability to speak with a counselor about your credit. They will receive free counseling in employment, job training, parenting skills and other areas through referral to Human Resource Agency programs.

If you want to get help from this program, you have to work with a credit counselor to improve your credit and manage your money better. You also have to take care of any unpaid bills or debts. The amount of rental subsidy offered will depend on the total income of the individual or family.

If you live in Colusa County, there are programs to help with security deposits, short-term rental payments, and free motel vouchers.

Additional services

The CGTCAP community action agency helps families in Glenn County by providing different programs that can help with things such as financial aid or becoming more self-sufficient. Some examples of programs that can help you find a job include job training and employment assistance from a Resource Center. I always prioritize helping clients improve their skill set and income.

The office provides various applications for financial aid programs and is responsible for a broad range of financial aid services. There may be money available to help pay for things like utility bills as part of LIHEAP or other housing rehabilitation programs. There are some services that can help tenants prevent being evicted. The Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help / REACH program can help with paying electric bills.

The non-profit also has close partnerships with other groups in the region, such as the Salvation Army. There may also be referrals to agencies and programs that focus on housing needs.

Call Community Action at 530-934-6510. The main office is located in Willows, but it provides support to the entire local area. There are programs available that can help with things like getting food, housing, and other needs.

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