Good Samaritan Center assistance programs.

The Good Samaritan Center offers help to those in need by referring them to qualified applicants. The charity provides financial assistance to Douglas County residents who are experiencing a financial emergency. The client and a staff member or volunteer from the faith based organization work together to find financial relief for the client’s crisis.

The agency and its partners are committed to helping a struggling family by providing them with the resources they need. Some of the ways that the program can help its clients include paying energy bills and providing shelter or free food. There is also clothing, hygiene items, furniture or household items that have been gently used from the thrift store. Referring customers to other businesses is a key service that businesses provide to each other. The staff helps the client by working with community agencies to resolve an emergency situation.

The Thrift Store and Food Pantry offer clothing, groceries, and other household items to low-income individuals and families. These resources are available to those in need 5 days a week. If there is not enough inventory, then the site may have to stop operating for a period of time. The inventory is given by kind donations from volunteers and community members. It is prepared with care by these same people.

Some people have specific diets that they need to follow for health reasons and most restaurants can accommodate these needs. Good Samaritan Center provides food packages for low income clients who have diabetes or seniors on a monthly basis. There has been an increase in requests for food donations for people with special diets, which has been difficult to meet. If you live in Douglasville, Georgia and have trouble finding groceries or food items, please contribute to the food drive.

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There is a limited amount of clothing that low-income households can get from the thrift store in a given fiscal year. The Samaritan Center provides clothes for children who need them for school or to replace old clothes. There is also professional clothing that people can wear when they are looking for a job.

Donations are collected at the Good Samaritan Center in November to be distributed as Thanksgiving Food Boxes. Within the package, there are all the materials needed to make a Thanksgiving feast for your family. Additionally, if there is enough funding, each low-income family will be given a gift certificate to use towards the purchase of a turkey or ham at a participating local grocery store. A valid photo ID and proof of residency in Douglas County is required to participate in this program.

Clients who are struggling financially and come from low-income households can use the agency to learn skills that will help them get a good job that pays well and lasts long. The programs will provide comprehensive education, technical skills, and job training. This will help them get the money they need to live without depending on others financially. The program will help clients with entrepreneurial goals by providing specific help in this area. There are places called Good Samaritan Centers that help people get jobs. Anybody in the community can go there.

The Samaritan Center is offering workshops to those in the community who are unemployed or not working enough hours. The workshops cover a wide range of topics necessary to find work. The sessions will teach you how to interview, write resumes, look for jobs, and use social media.

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After participants finish the sessions, they will have free access to job coaching. The workshops are geared towards people who live in the area, but anyone is welcome to attend. This website provides information in both English and Spanish to be inclusive of all nationalities in Douglas County. The state of Georgia has partnerships with local job placement centers that provide support for those looking for work.

If you have a low income and need help with paying for your utilities or rent, you may qualify for assistance. If Good Samaritan Center does not have enough money to continue providing assistance, they will give referrals to other places that might be able to help. The state of Georgia pays for utility bills during certain months out of the year.

There is a one-time opportunity for an eligible household that is working but is poor to receive rent or mortgage assistance in a fiscal year. -To be eligible for a grant, you must supply the following. The volunteer from the Good Samaritan Center will need a copy of the lease agreement as well as verification of income and residency.

Other conditions may include conditions that are not listed. If the landlord of the property is a relative or friend, that applicant must bring a notarized letter stating how long the tenant has resided in the rental unit. This needs to show the monthly rent amount due. This means that if a tenant has had various issues with their previous tenants, they may not be eligible for the program. This means that if you rely on HUD or human services for Section 8 housing, or if you live in state-provided temporary housing, you will not be eligible for funding.

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The Good Samaritan Center can help people who need housing assistance by referring them to the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The government provides financial assistance to low-income families who qualify, to help them pay for rent. This program is funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Renewal. HUD provides money for this program so that people in need of housing assistance can get the help they need. The goal of this Douglas County assistance program is to help families who are having difficulty finding safe and affordable housing.

As part of the process of applying for a voucher, staff members thoroughly inspect the property. They will also ensure that homes are repaired and ready for clients to move in by working with landlords. There are also periodic inspections and recertification to ensure the home or apartment remains safe for families who reside there. If a family is in need of housing and qualifies for emergency Section 8 vouchers, they may be able to find a home more quickly.

Applying for assistance from Douglas County Good Samaritan Center

The agency is based in Douglasville and can be contacted at (770) 949-7335. If you need help, they may be able to provide it.

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