Good Samaritan Ministries emergency assistance programs.

If you are a resident of Ottawa County and are in a short-term crisis, you can contact the staff at Good Samaritan Ministries. The charity is an organization that can help people who don’t have any other options. The aid is focused on families who need to provide their family with food, shelter, clothing, and other essentials for daily living.

The programs offered are not very comprehensive and do not have a lot of resources. If you want to apply, you will need to meet with a stabilization specialist from the agency. They will check to see if there are any resources available to help the family and see if there are other services that can help with a financial crisis. Although this service is provided free of charge to the person applying, this does not mean that assistance will be given as there are so few resources available.

Emergency Aid can include clothing, food, diapers and other baby items, formula, hygiene products and cleaning products. Good Samaritan Ministries provides limited financial assistance. There may be money to help pay rent or energy bills to prevent homelessness. The client may be enrolled into a program that provides temporary housing.

Homeless Prevention helps people who are about to become homeless by giving them money or a place to stay. This program is for people who are either currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. There may be assistance available for people who are facing eviction or foreclosure, or who have been affected by a medical emergency. There are many things you need to do to be eligible for a grant, and the staff at Good Samaritan Ministries can help you with the application process.

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If you are a homeowner and you are behind on your mortgage, you may be able to prevent foreclosure by taking action. This organization partners with other agencies in order to help provide resources and support to those in need. They will also speak to their lenders on their behalf. This process will also involve financial counseling and education, and staff will offer support for the homeowner to obtain alternative housing, such as an apartment, if foreclosure is unavoidable.

Each month, Good Samaritan Ministries will work to provide food to low-income households in Grand Haven and other towns in the county. This means that the organization works with other charities and religious groups who provide meals for the homeless. To be eligible for this service, you must have a low income and provide proof of address and a picture ID. Food pantries may also have personal hygiene items and cleaning products available on a walk-in basis.

A soup kitchen, or community kitchen, is a place where people who are struggling with poverty or homelessness can go to get a hot meal. In Ottawa County, local churches partner with each other to provide hot meals for the community. This location also provides a place to identify the needs of vulnerable families. This way, more than just a free meal is passed out. Some organizations deliver non-perishable groceries, some fresh fruits and vegetables to the elderly in the community.

The goal of hunger prevention programs is to make it easier for people to get the food they need every month. There are people in the community who can help you if you are struggling. The idea is that getting help from Good Samaritan Ministries can help people free up their money so that they can improve their situation in other ways.

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This organization provides case management services to low income families in need, both in the short and long term. To help people who are struggling to understand their challenges better. After that has been done, there will be additional support given so they can respond to their immediate financial needs. This will also allow them to build the skills they need to have a successful and prosperous life. The goal is for the client to reach their personal potential and be more successful in our community.

There are free classes available to the community to help them improve their financial skills. Small businesses and experts from banks are important for this process, and they provide customized information based on their experience and areas of study. This book covers a lot of topics related to money, such as how to fix your credit, how to make a budget, how to reduce debt, how to save money, and how to plan for your financial future.

The staff at Good Samaritan Ministries can provide information on government benefits. There are several primary industries in the state of Michigan. Low income families can apply for financial assistance with food through the Women Infants and Children (WIC) program or through free school lunches. There are also government Healthcare Services, such as disability and also the Medicaid for the Aged, LIHEAP for energy bills, Blind and Disabled as well as Extra Help for Medicare Part D, which is for medications. These programs help with different needs that people may have.

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If you need help with housing or anything else, Good Samaritan Ministries may be able to help you. The main office is located at 513 East 8th Street, Holland, Michigan 49423, and the phone number is (616) 392-7159.

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