Greater East Texas Community Action Programs.

The Greater East Texas Community Action Program is a non-profit organization that provides support to several counties. The agency offers emergency help to qualified low income residents, such as food, shelter, and housing. The organization offers resources that promote self-sufficiency, such as Head Start, job training, and educational services.

The community action agency helps those who are low income, disabled, and seniors in the counties of Angelina, Wood, Cherokee, Gregg, Houston, Rusk, Nacogdoches, Polk, San Jacinto, Smith, and Trinity. There will be a system in place for applying to the programs. If someone is not eligible for something, then ask for suggestions or look into possible government assistance.

Financial resources in East Texas

Energy bill assistance programs are usually available for a limited time. Households in Texas can get help from the GETCAP agency and the state to pay for water, utilities, cooling, and electric bills.

The main people who will usually benefit from this include homes with disabled or elderly members, as well as young children. Many families who are struggling to make ends meet may also qualify for assistance if they are facing a short-term crisis. Some counties have money available to help pay for utility bills. These counties are San Jacinto, Nacogdoches, Angelina, Houston, Trinity, Cherokee, Smith, Gregg, and Wood. Different areas may be included too, so call an office for more information.

Energy conservation can help save money on bills for both homeowners and landlords. The main resource for weatherization is the weather. The federal and state governments have set up programs to help low-income families with disabled or elderly members to pay for improvements to their homes that will reduce air infiltration. The GETCAP does many things to help improve homes, such as making them more comfortable and safe, and also conserving energy. How can I weatherize my home?

Emergency financial assistance, resources, and services are provided to income qualified clients based on extraordinary, short term circumstances that could not have been foreseen by the applicant. If you need help with things like rent, food, shelter, prescription medication, or even small home repairs, there are organizations that can assist you. Greater East Texas Community Action is focused on helping people who are at risk of being homeless, or who are already homeless, by providing programs that can pay for things like security deposits. This helps people keep a roof over their head and prevents them from becoming homeless.

Greater East Texas Community Action job and educational resources

Project Turn Around is an educational service designed to help people improve their future job prospects. This program is designed for youth and adults who are at risk and live in Eastern Texas. The program offers classes like GED, ESL, and ABE instruction. The program is located on the Nacogdoches Head Start campus, but the location may change in the future. There is more information available on job placement and training in Texas.

The other education program, Head Start, provides education, childcare, and other support services for children under the age of six. The program is created by the federal government but managed by Greater East Texas Community Action. This means that it will help the child develop in all areas, including physical, mental, and emotional development. Services that may be available include those that help with nutrition, health care, education, and parental involvement. The goal is to help the child function as best as possible in his or her current environment.

Head Start facilities in counties such as San Jacinto, Gregg, Cherokee, and Angelina provide some Family Literacy and GED services. The Nacogdoches facility provides a program that includes parents, children, and family members. This program is available to all Head Start eligible children and their families. The GED/Literacy program is available for students who want to improve their reading and writing skills. The school offers classes in writing, reading, and math skills. Teachers and case managers emphasize the importance of children being able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, as well as having strong problem-solving skills.

GETCAP’s Early Head Start is for even younger children, those from infants to age 3. The program provides services throughout the year, with an emphasis on early intervention, continual support, and comprehensive child development. The clinic will also offer support services for low-income children and pregnant women. The program also provides a daycare service that is open all day.

The immigrants in Easter, Texas can receive help from various organizations. There are ESL classes for residents in all counties, including Smith and Polk. Migrant farm workers can also access housing, and support is offered to all Spanish speakers. The goal is to help them adjust to the area. The immigration programs offered by the government are varied and cover many different types of people.

Locations of community action centers in eastern Texas

John Redditt Drive Angelina County is located at 1408 N. John Redditt Drive. Main number is 936-327-6873. For more information, please call 936-327-3011.

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