Rent Assistance

Guadalupe County rent and housing assistance.

The places to go in Guadalupe County for housing assistance are churches, the Area Resource Centers, charities, and government offices. Each organization has different programs. Some organizations may give money to help pay rent or a security/utility deposit, while others may just offer general guidance. There are resources available for low income tenants and the homeless.

The amount of financial assistance that a charity can provide for housing costs (such as rent, utilities, or moving costs) depends on how much funding the charity has available. The resources in Guadalupe County vary widely, as they do in other parts of Texas. This means that while there is no guarantee an applicant will receive financial help, they will at least be given referrals to resources that may be able to assist them.

Priority for grants that cover housing or rental expenses is typically given to groups like senior citizens, single parents or married couples with children, people with disabilities, or veterans. Other people can also get this loan, and in some cases the loan is given by the non-profit to help pay for past due rent or energy bills.

The Alamo Area Resource Center is a regional non-profit organization that provides assistance to families impacted by HIV/AIDS. The programs that offer assistance with rent and energy bills also apply to Guadalupe County. Other services offered by the organization may include assistance with applying for public benefits such as low income housing or SSI, referrals to other agencies or organizations, and information on grants that may be available to help with needs such as back rent or medical expenses.

The Salvation Army of Seguin is a religious organization that provides assistance to individuals in the form of food, clothing, and other essentials. The organization also provides individuals with spiritual guidance and support. Emergency financial aid is a type of financial aid that helps people pay for things like rent, work, food, and more. There are also shelters, motels, and other programs that provide housing for a short period of time.

The Seguin Housing Authority provides HUD housing vouchers and public housing resources to residents of Seguin, Texas. The Authority can be reached by telephone at (830) 303-4898. This program provides rent assistance to low-income households, but there is a long waiting list.

The Guadalupe Valley Family Shelter in Seguin, Texas provides support for victims of violence. Their phone number is (830) 372-2780. If you are a woman or child fleeing from domestic violence, there are many places that can help you. You can get housing, legal aid, food, and more. This means that there are places where the client can live temporarily as well as help with paying rent so that the client is not homeless.

If you are behind on rent, you may be able to get help from the Christian Assistance Ministry. Call 210-697-5771 or 210-223-6648 for more information. It will normally cost $25. Many forms of financial aid are available to those who have been evicted, and who meet certain income requirements. Some clients may be issued loans from the charity, and it has a priority on assisting certain Guadalupe County residents.

This program can help with things like food, clothing, and housing. The Supportive Services for Veteran Families program can help low-income or homeless veterans with things like food, clothing, and housing. There are programs to prevent homelessness that focus on things like rental needs, security deposits, and even help with moving costs. Other forms of support include things like government grants and public benefits.

This non-profit firm provides free legal aid to low income families, immigrants and seniors. They have a team of attorneys that advise and represent these individuals in various legal matters. If you are facing eviction, part of the process includes receiving free help from lawyers to resolve disputes with your landlord and being provided with housing.

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