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Hamilton County Ohio and Cincinnati free food pantries.

There are many free food pantries, coup kitchens, food banks, and charities in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area. There are many places in Hamilton County Ohio where you can get free or low cost food, meals, and groceries. – There are many places that can help people apply for government assistance such as food stamps, WIC, or other hunger prevention services. The Cincinnati area has other free food programs that can be accessed by calling the number at the bottom of this page.

The food banks in Hamilton County Ohio provide assistance to low income families in the form of food and other services. The staff at food pantries not only offer food and groceries, but also counseling, case management, and other forms of assistance, such as helping people apply for government food programs like SNAP, food stamps, or school lunches. There are also other resources offered by the government, such as public assistance and government aid. To find out how to get these resources in Ohio, visit the government website.

Pantries are staffed with a combination of professional and volunteers who are committed to offering various forms of aid to anyone who needs help. Some locations may provide services such as clothing, financial help with bills, Christmas meals and gifts, and household products. If a family is in need of food or other items, the Cincinnati area has resources available to help them. There are food and perishable item distribution centers as well as referrals to other agencies if needed.

If you need food or perishable items, you can call the Anderson Ferry Church of Christ at (513) 451-3555.

The Caring Place is a non-profit that helps people in need. They have boxes of food, canned goods, and even perishable fruits and vegetables.

Call the pantry at (513) 481-5820 for free meals, food, groceries, and holiday assistance.

This church has information on food assistance programs from the federal and state government, as well as pantries and social services.

Christ’s Community in College Hill is a food pantry that provides canned goods, paper products, and personal toiletries to people in need. To apply for assistance, call (513) 541-0303.

The Church of Saviour is located at 65 East Hollister Street. The church has a pantry and thrift store on site. Other forms of financial assistance may be offered in addition to clothing.

The Church Of The Advent/Open Door Ministry provides shelter and limited financial assistance to those in need, as well as perishable food items.

The City Gospel Mission provides food to the needy in the area. The Mission is located at 1419 Elm Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Salvation Army provides free Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, small toys for children, and other services to those in need.

The Corinthian Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio provides hot meals and blankets to the homeless, and delivers food to the homebound in the local Hamilton County community. The church can be contacted at (513) 221-7351 for hours or information on food distribution.

The Corpus Christi Church is located at 2014 Springdale Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. The church’s pantry can be reached by dialing (513) 825-0618.

The Daystar Worship Center is a church located at 6018 Vine Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. The church can be contacted by phone at (513) 477-0257. These will be provided to guest who stay at the inn. There may be food, clothes, groceries, meals, and household items available for guests at the inn.

The Freestore Foodbank – East Liberty Street is a food bank and thrift store. They are located at 112 East Liberty Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. The phone number for the food bank is (513) 241-1064. Other services that may be available include help with housing. The staff at this organization also help people apply for food stamps and other assistance programs, as well as provide formula for new mothers. They also have a backpack program where they give students free food and meals for the weekend.

The Fresh Start Victory Center is a place where low-income people can go to get food for themselves or their families. They provide things like meals, perishable items, and commodities. Their address is 7429 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45231 and their phone number is (513) 985-0668.

The Gray Road Church of Christ is located at 4826 Gray Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. To speak to a representative, please call (513) 541-4100.

The Greter New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is located at 3655 Harvey Avenue in Cincinnati, OH. The church’s phone number is (513) 281-3251.

Immanuel United Church Of Christ is located at 1520 Queen City Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45214. The main phone number is (513) 921-1167. The church provides food boxes which may contain rice, non-perishable items, meats, and similar goods.

IPMS is located at 3509 Debolt Road, Cincinnati, OH. For more information, please call (513) 561-3932. The Inter Parish Ministry provides surplus commodities to residents of Hamilton County, including seniors and the disabled. The Ministry is located at 3509 Debolt Road, Cincinnati, OH. For more information, please call (513) 561-3932. A focus is also on feeding children.

The church offers food and lunch at certain times, which can be found by calling the church.

The Love Star Pantry is a food pantry located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The primary phone number for the pantry is (513) 221-5049.

The Manna Outreach provides a variety of social services to residents of Hamilton County Ohio, including food assistance. The Outreach is located at 931 McPherson Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45205. For more information, please call (513) 921-5344.

If you need food or other perishable items, you can call (513) 751-2500.

The Mother Of Christ Church in Cincinnati, Ohio collects surplus food from businesses and individuals and provides it to the community for free. Other things that may be included are things like clothes, toiletries, milk, meat, and other similar items.

The Mt. Carmel Baptist Church is located at 3101 Riverside Drive in Cincinnati, Ohio. The church’s phone number is (513) 321-3900.

SINAI Mt. Sinai is a mountain in Egypt that is best known for being the mountain that Moses climbed to receive the Ten Commandments from God. The Healthy Alliance Community Food Pantry provides food to those in need. It is located at 7717 Harrison Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. The phone number is (513) 551-8036.

Northeast Emergency Distribution Services (NEDS) is a non-profit organization that partners with churches, food banks and pantries across Hamilton County, Ohio in order to provide food assistance to those in need. NEDS is located at 8341 Kenwood Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, and can be contacted by phone at (513) 891-0850.

If you are a family in Hamilton, Ohio who is facing a crisis situation, the Oakley Community Emergency Food Pantry may be able to help you by providing free food, meals, and groceries. No one will be denied assistance.

Located in Cincinnati, the Over The Rhine Kitchen provides free meals, groceries, and referrals to those in need.

They have a food bank as well as a clothes closet. The Rescue Community Center can help with utility assistance, rent assistance, and prescription assistance. They also have a number of programs for children and families. Contact them for more information.

Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Community Services provides a food pantry for those in need. The address is 3650 Washington Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229. The food bank phone number is (513) 221-3882.

Son Ministries is a place where you can go to receive help and support. The ministry is located at Grosbeck United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offers a variety of services to those in need.

St. Andrews Pantry is located on Rutland Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. The phone number for the store is (513) 531-4337.

This is a place where people in need can go to get food. This organization helps people who are struggling to make ends meet by providing them with groceries, public benefits, and other support.

The St. Leo Church is located at 2573 St. Leo Place in Cincinnati, Ohio. The church’s phone number is (513) 921-1044.

The St. Vincent De Paul Society provides various social service programs to help the local community, including a food pantry. The Salvation Army provides holiday meals and gifts, help applying for food stamps, and limited financial assistance for bills and rent for Hamilton County Ohio residents.

Tri-County Soul Ministries is located at 11177 Springfield Pike in Cincinnati, OH. The primary phone number for the church is (513) 772-2277. The church offers a Senior Brown Bag program, fresh fruits, boxes of food, and other assistance, all around food and free groceries.

The Union Baptist Church has a food pantry where people in need can go to get food. The address is 405 West 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45203 and the phone number is (513) 381-3858.

The Valley Interfaith Food & Clothing Center provides assistance to those in need by offering items such as diapers, school and work clothing, baby formula, emergency food boxes, and more. To receive aid, one must call (513) 821-3233. This center provides assistance to families in need within Hamilton County, Ohio.

West College Hill Neighborhood Services is a community center located on West North Bend Road in Cincinnati, Ohio. The center offers a variety of services to the community, including a food pantry, clothing closet, and educational programs. The center also provides a space for community members to gather and connect with one another.

The West End Emergency Center has a food bank that is located at 727 Ezzard Charles Drive in Cincinnati, Ohio. The food bank provides assistance to people in need through the Emergency Food Assistance Program, which is also known as SNAP. The phone number for the food bank is (513) 381-5882. Case managers work with groups of people who are struggling with difficult life circumstances, such as poverty or hunger. They provide advice and support to help these individuals improve their situations.

The York Street United Methodist Church runs a food bank for low-income individuals. Also look for local charities and government programs that can help you. There may also be clothing and diapers available from time to time.

Free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are available at the Harrison Avenue Assembly Of God church for low income families as well as children in Hamilton County.

The Mt. Hope Baptist Church is located at 9200 Stimple Road in Harrison, Ohio. The church can be reached by dialing (513) 367-0450.

The Roselawn Lutheran Church is located at 1608 Summit Road in Roselawn, Ohio 45237. The church’s food bank is open at various hours; interested individuals should call the church at (513) 821-5730 for more information.

Find additional free food and meal programs in the Cincinnati region

There are other resources in addition to the charities, churches, and non-profit food pantries and soup kitchens listed above. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provides free or reduced-price meals to children from low-income families through several programs. The largest program is the National School Lunch Program, which provides free or reduced-price lunches to over 30 million children each day. Other programs include the School Breakfast Program, the Special Milk Program, and the Summer Food Service Program. Elderly people and disabled people in Hamilton County can get meals from Meals on Wheels and other programs. Call 513.482.4500 to find food pantries and government assistance in your area.

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