Assistance Program

Harrison County assistance programs.

Find help with paying bills

is a private, nonprofit corporation that serves as an umbrella organization for a network of Head Start and Early Head Start programs Tri-County Community Action Inc. is a private nonprofit corporation that oversees a network of Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The organization has money that it needs to give to people who are in need. They have a lot of money to give as assistance. The CEA manages a program that helps people with paying their gas and utility bills, as well as making other improvements to save energy.

They offer help to thousands of people with utility bills, and they say they have extra funds to pass out from the federal government stimulus money. Some other services that Tr-County offers are things like weatherizing homes, repairing or replacing heating and cooling units, and also replacing refrigerators.

They are hoping to be able to provide rental assistance in the future. Many people who are struggling with their bills do not think they qualify for the assistance programs that Community Action offers. The income eligibility guideline for assistance is increasing from 125 percent to 200 percent, making more people eligible for the programs and aid offered by agencies. To reach the community action agency of Harrison County Texas, please call (903) 934-9892.

Free health care

The Marshall Health Clinic provides reduced-cost or free health care services to people who cannot afford them. This means that while the person will still have to pay for their existing medical bills, they will not have to pay for any new healthcare needs that they may have. The clinic wants to make sure that everyone has access to care, regardless of their ability to pay. One of the benefits of these clinics is that they can provide free medications, or refer low income people to other community clinics and health care centers. There are many community clinics in Texas that offer a variety of services to the public. These clinics are a great resource for people who need medical care but cannot afford it. They offer a variety of services, including primary care, mental health services, and more.

The doctors also work with Good Shepherd Medical Center-Marshall and the staff at that facility. Together, they have a team of people whose only job is to help others pay for their medical bills. They refer patients to different programs and resources that are available, such as federal and state programs. The number 903 927 6140 can be pronounced as nine hundred three, nine hundred twenty-seven, six thousand one hundred forty.

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