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Hartford County Maryland assistance programs.

There are many community resources available to help with expenses such as utilities, heating bills, and other housing costs. You can also access debt help and free food through these resources. There are a number of organizations that can provide assistance with rent, food, gasoline, and even government benefits like grants for heating bills or security deposits. Below are a list of resources.

One non-profit is leading the way in the region. The Hartford Community Action Agency, Inc. is an organization that provides assistance and guidance for low income individuals and families. They offer their own programs as well as referrals to other agencies that may be able to help. This agency offers the following services:

Debt help and credit services

Counselors can help people get out of debt. Additionally, financial workshops are held with local banks and financial institutions to provide counseling and assistance to consumers with medical and credit card debts. In addition to receiving credit repair advice, some workshops may also provide foreclosure assistance.

The agency’s clients will work with counselors to improve their budgeting skills. The counselors can examine people’s attitudes about money, help them create and maintain a household budget, repair credit, reduce debts, and identify resources for investing and saving. There are many ways to get help with debt. You can talk to a financial advisor, credit counselor, or debt relief company. You can also find helpful information and tips online.

Food assistance

If you are struggling to feed your family, the community action agency can provide you with emergency food and groceries, or with supplemental food to help you and your family get the nourishment you need. This food program provides clients with enough food to last them 2-3 days, based on household size and need. Clients are allowed to come once every 30 days.

Utility, heating, and energy bills in Hartford Maryland

The Fuel Fund provides assistance to families and individuals who are at risk of having their utilities shut off. If you are able to donate to households in need, it will help them keep their power on and stay connected to their energy source. It will also help those who have had their utility service turned off to restore it, and those who have run out of fuel for heating to get more.

If you need help with a disconnection, you can use the fund only once every 12 months. The Hartford County Fuel Fund provides assistance to a family in need of help with their utility or fuel bill. The applicants must also pay their own portion of the utility bill.

Other programs available to help with winter heating bills include the Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), which provides a once-a-year cash grant to low-income households.

The Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) provides a cash grant to low to moderate income households to help them pay their current electric bill. The arrearage component of the EUSP can help low-income and other qualified households pay old utility bills and avoid disconnection. This means that if you need help with catching up on your bills, you can only get help once every 7 years.

Mortgage and rent help in Hartford County

Families in need of housing assistance may apply for help once a year. The rent/mortgage assistance program helps people who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage by providing them with up to $500 in financial assistance. This program helps to prevent homelessness by giving people the support they need to stay in their homes. The cash grants may also be used to pay security or housing deposits for families or individuals who are struggling to keep their home or who are currently homeless. The agency may also be able to connect you with the Maryland mortgage mediation program, which may be able to help you work out a resolution.

You can learn more about programs offered by the Hartford Community Action Agency, Inc. and get referrals to other local non-profit and charities by contacting them. This is the phone number for the Maryland Department of Health. If you need more help, HCAA is here for you. Hartford Community Action Agency is a non-profit organization that provides social services and programs to low-income residents in the Greater Hartford area.

There are other, more formal prevention programs available, including Hartford County HPP. The organization relies on both government funding and private donations, including from the Salvation Army. Each of them is focused on helping both tenants and homeowners have a place to live. This may include grants, mediation, and cash loans. There are several programs in Hartford County Maryland that aim to prevent homelessness. These programs provide financial assistance and other support to individuals and families at risk of losing their homes. These programs can help people stay in their homes, find new housing, or transition to permanent housing.

Additional services

The Salvation Army Center in Havre de Grace can serve as a resource for people that are struggling with food insecurity or are senior citizens. The non-profit may be able to offer food from pantries or feeding sites, shelter, Christmas programs, and occasional financial assistance. However, resources are always limited.

If the location does not have the resources to help, social workers and volunteers from the Christian based organization can provide referrals to either government grant programs or private groups in the region that may be able to help. The assistance provided is very comprehensive. The Salvation Army in Hartford County provides assistance to those in need. Services include food, clothing, and financial assistance.

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