Rent Assistance

Hattiesburg area rent and housing assistance programs.

If you live in the Hattiesburg area and need help with rent payments or a security deposit, there are programs that can help you. There are organizations in both Forrest and Lamar County that help people who are homeless or have low incomes with their rent and housing.

The leading organizations in the region are listed below. The government may give you money to help pay your rent, or give you a loan to help with expenses. There may be no money given out as support, but instead the help may come in the form of free legal aid, rapid rehousing, shelter, or something else. Applications and requests for housing information are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The City of Hattiesburg Housing Authority is responsible for administering the HUD section 8 rent voucher program and various other low income/income based public housing programs. Section 8 vouchers help low-income families in Mississippi afford housing. The vouchers are used to pay for part of the rent, and the family is responsible for the rest.

The Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Community Service Center is located at 500 Helveston Road in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The church number is (601) 544-1802. They offer financial aid for rent, water, or housing, as well as basic items like clothing or food.

This is an organization that provides legal services to low-income people in Mississippi. Park Ave. The address is 1728 E. Park Ave. Hattiesburg, Mississippi’s Front Street is located at 39401. The number to call is (601) 545-2950. This means that if someone needs help with any of the above, they can get it for free. This program can help prevent people from being evicted from their homes, or help with other civil or housing issues.

19 South, Meridian, MS The Salvation Army is located in Forrest and Lamar County at 5670 Hwy. 19 South, Meridian, MS. The housing programs offered by this organization include assistance with travel expenses for people who are stranded or homeless, overnight shelter, emergency assistance with rent or security deposits, and furniture for people who are setting up new apartments.

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program provides assistance with rent, mortgage, utilities, and eviction prevention. The government gives money to this every year.

The Department of Human Services in Hattiesburg/Forrest County provides information and referrals to cash aid, HUD programs, and other assistance programs. To call the number 601-554-4350

Short term housing and homeless shelters

A domestic abuse family shelter is a place where families can go to get away from abusive situations. They provide a safe place to stay, as well as counseling and other support services. This means that the location of something is not supposed to be known by anyone else. To reach someone by telephone at (601) 582-2102, dial that number on your phone. The location is for either women or children who are fleeing violence. This organization provides temporary housing, clothing, legal assistance, and referrals to permanent housing for those in need.

Pine Grove Green Meadows is a place that helps people transition to a new housing situation and provides support for them. This is also for women and children. The address of this location is 209 South 29th Avenue, Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39401. The phone number is (601) 296-6472. This is for women fleeing violence, those with substance abuse, or the disabled who are mentally ill.

The Pine Grove Village at 201 Rosa Avenue in Hattiesburg, MS is available for use by men. The number is (601) 544-8609. This program can help disabled and homeless men, as well as families who rely on section 8 housing, to pay their rent.

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