Heart and Hand Community Center programs.

Heart and Hand Community Center is a resource for people in need of housing assistance or information about medical programs. A key focus of the charity is on helping families in Kanawha County that are faced with a short term crisis, while all the resources are limited.

The staff also understand that providing only short-term support will not be enough to solve a problem. They will help their clients to lead a stable life. This means that there are many places that can help you find a job or improve your skills. It is important to always be respectful of others. It is important to always show respect to others.

A program that provides shelter and other assistance to homeless people. If someone is homeless, they can go to this location to get a free hot meal. They can also spend their day trying to get access to important support services. This center is for everyone. The staff will also try to help the person enroll into other support programs, such as transitional housing.

The other services available at the day center include referring people to community resources, counseling, helping with job searches in the state of West Virginia, letting people use the laundry room, and providing transportation to medical appointments. The location can also have free personal hygiene items, like soap or toothpaste, passed out, or maybe a free box of food. The volunteers will also help the client get any other support they need.

This means that the homeless can use it, no matter how old they are. Other clients are people who are dealing with mental illness or addiction. Shelters are important in Charleston because they provide a place for people to stay during emergencies.

There are private and government sources of funding that may help to prevent evictions and homelessness. Heart and Hand Community Center offers grants to help pay rental expenses in order to prevent evictions and end homelessness. There are several requirements that must be met in order to be eligible to receive support. Applicants must have received a notice from their landlord to leave their current residence, or a letter indicating that foreclosure is a possibility.

The service can help you with emergency assistance or a short term loan to cover your past due rent. Some funding may be available for low income housing in Kanawha County. The program provides financial assistance to single people, parents with children, and families who meet certain income requirements. This means that if there is no money available, there will be no financial aid.

If you need advice, there are people who can help you. The staff will help tenants, landlords, and homeowners who are behind on their rent or mortgage to resolve their conflicts. This means that an attorney will be present to help explain the legalities of the situation and what you can do moving forward. This is usually done free of charge. In most cases, this service is free to use, private, and people can choose whether or not to use it.

The other focus is on helping senior citizens. Case managers from Heart and Hand Community Center can help older adults age 60+ by meeting one-on-one to offer advice. This could include help with things like finding resources in the community, understanding Medicare, or getting help with transportation. The goal is to fix problems that might make it hard to be independent. The website provides information on a variety of topics, including how to get help during a crisis, how to apply for Medicare or prescription assistance programs, how to get transportation, and how to get Meals on Wheels. They provide people with information about resources that are available to them in Kanawha County.

No matter the person’s age or what they need help with, someone is always available to help at Information and Referral. The Heart and Hand Community Center provides links to many different health and human services, both through volunteers and professional staff. There are a lot of emergency food pantries in the area for people who don’t have a lot of money. Other people often need affordable medical care, so clients can be referred to community clinics for help.

There are thrift stores in Charleston that sell items like clothes and diapers. The Community Center will receive items such as diapers, shoes, cribs, furniture, clothing and more. The store sells clothes to people or in some cases, they will give the clothing to low income residents for free. There might also be important supplies like winter coats.

A Christmas toy drive is held every year from October to December. This will provide parents with items for their child, including single moms. The staff at Heart and Hand Community Center may also provide meals, or even bring toys and gifts to homes of children or visit a senior person in a nursing home. The goal is to make people happy during the holiday season.

If you need help paying for your prescription medication, we can help you arrange that. The purpose of this voucher program is to help residents who are unable to afford the items on their own. This could be due to a lack of income or health insurance. Some people may be able to get help from drug companies to get their prescription medications. This means that the medications available are limited and depend on what staff members say.

The community center is at 4963 MacCorkle Avenue, South Charleston, West Virginia 25303. You need to make an appointment.

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