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Help from Area Christians Together Neighborhood assistance programs.

The churches in Bossier Parish work together to help those in need. They provide financial assistance, ESL classes, job opportunities, food, and other support. There are also many other emergency programs available that can help with things like Christmas gifts, meals, or toys.

The focus is on people who are vulnerable and may have difficulty finding work, such as migrant workers, the unemployed, seniors, or disabled people. The aim of the campaign is to stop homelessness and hunger. This will be done by offering rent, mortgage or energy bill help as well as free food or meals. The churches also provide free items to the community based on donations and other eligibility requirements.

Free food, household or personal supplies and financial assistance programs

This means that if you are hungry, you can go to the Area Christians Together Neighborhood food bank to get food. The food at the center comes from volunteers, community food drives, businesses, and other places. The following items may be removed from the room. The specific details change over time.

Macaroni and CheeseCanned SaucesCanned TomatoesCanned PotatoesCanned Sardines Please bring peanut butter in a plastic container, not a glass jar. Also, please bring canned meats such as tuna, spam, ham, beef, and chicken, as well as canned fruits and vegetables. In addition, please bring dried beans, boxed or canned soups, cereal, rice, and juices, as well as boxed pastas and macaroni and cheese. Finally, please also bring canned sauces, tomatoes, and potatoes, as well as canned sardines.

During the holidays, ACTION provides meals for Bossier Parish families or individuals. There are also cultural holiday parties that celebrate different cultures. There are many organizations that offer help during the holidays in the form of free turkeys, Easter baskets, and Christmas meals. There could be some small presents or stocking stuffers for children.

Both financial and material assistance is provided to individuals on a case by case basis. The amount of assistance someone qualifies for will be determined by their actions. There is always a form that needs to be completed to apply, as well as an interview with a case manager.

If you need help paying for things like rent, medication, or your water bill, you will need to show some kind of identification. If you are worried about your utilities being disconnected, you will need to provide copies of any disconnection notices. You will need a doctor’s note proving your condition in order to get a voucher for medication from Bossier Parish. For other types of requests, such as renting a space or getting food, you will need to provide proof of income.

This organization provides free necessities for those in need. The churches in the community raise money through donations from people. They give out these items and help to the community. There may be some free clothes or furniture available for a low income family. There are many resources available to women who are fleeing domestic violence, including legal aid. The homeless can get food, a hot meal, or a blanket. There are many other things that can be provided besides the basic necessities. There are programs that give away free items to people in need.

Education and ESL classes

ACTIION helps to improve the lives of those living in poverty by providing support and assistance low income families. In addition to providing financial support, ACTIION also helps families access resources and services that can help them improve their overall wellbeing. The center offers free ESL classes to help people learn English. These events are for children or adults and are occasionally held. People who speak Spanish, migrant workers, and others in Bossier Parish can sign up for free Spanish classes. A lead agency is a church that provides guidance and direction.

The Area Christians Together Neighborhood provides mentorship and counseling services to its community. This can be done either with a mentor or volunteer, or by someone who believes in a higher power. Churches in Bossier County offer support to non-profits, charities, or businesses. Whether you need life advice, tips on getting a job, or help applying for SNAP food stamps, assistance is available.

Apply to ACTION

We are committed to being the hands and feet of Christ in our community. Churches Together In Our Neighborhood is a group of churches and faith-based organizations that are committed to serving our community. We work together to be the hands and feet of Christ, and to provide help and assistance to those in need. Some businesses help support or finance the activities of local organizations. There are many different churches in the area, including Eastwood, Fillmore, Princeton and First Baptist Church, Haughton, Wesley Chapel Christian Church, as well as Southern Methodist. The main application site is at 110 Hazel St, Haughton, LA 71037. The main number for this company is 318-949-1000.

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