Help from Community Services Agency Programs of Beaver County.

The non-profit Community Services Program of Beaver County provides assistance to low income individuals, senior citizens, disabled people, and those who are unemployed. The organization will try to help with everyday needs such as food and housing, as well as longer-term challenges. Individuals who are eligible for services will be given support as long as there are resources available.

There is always a lot of demand for help with rent and food. The agency plans to help the individual with their job needs and also offer government benefits information. For more information on their services, see the information below.

Find help with utility programs

The weatherization program from the agency helps clients, including homeowners, to lower their utility bills for both heating and cooling. The program helps people save money on their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. Community service workers who are trained and certified in energy auditing will analyze a building to determine what work needs to be done, and then assign that work to contractors.

Although the amount of work and what needs to be done vary from home to home, contractors typically do things like caulk and repair windows, add free insulation, weather-strip doors, add door sweeps, insulate attics, patch roofs, install energy-efficient lighting, and service gas or oil heaters.

If you are a customer of PECO and you are struggling to pay your energy bills, you may be able to get financial assistance through the PECO Matching Energy Assistance Fund.

This aid is generally for households in Beaver County with an income level that does not surpass 175% of the federal government poverty guidelines, however the income limits can change each year. If you want help paying your bills, you must be the one named on the bills or shut-off notices. Most people who qualify can only get financial assistance once every two years.

If you are a customer of American Water in Pennsylvania, you may be eligible for assistance with your water bill. The program is called Dollar Energy, and it helps people who are struggling to pay their water costs.

There are many programs available to help those in need, and Beaver County Community Services can help you find the right one for your situation. This program is for people who make less than 200% of the poverty line and live in a house with Pennsylvania-American Water. A deposit may be required to partially pay down any outstanding balance, and American Water may also offer payment plans.

Aqua Pennsylvania has a program to help low-income customers with their water bills. They provide a resource known as Helping Hands, which is for households that meet low income guidelines.

Other types of utility bills, such as heating, can be addressed using money from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This helps people who are struggling to pay for heat during a time of crisis. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare manages the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) in Beaver County. Persons in need of a crisis grant should contact their local county assistance office or Community Services can offer a referral. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides energy bill assistance to eligible low-income households in Pennsylvania.

The Community Services Program of Beaver County provides assistance with clothing, food, housing, rent and other necessities. If possible, staff from the agency will visit clients at their homes every month to check their progress. This type of case management provides individuals with information about how to finance and manage their money.

Case managers help people with housing issues by connecting them to funding sources. The federal government occasionally issues grants in Pennsylvania that are focused on preventing homelessness. These grants may be used to pay for rental costs or other expenses.

Information on food pantries and programs in Beaver County

There are ways to help people who are hungry. The non-profit community action / services agency helps operate the food stamps program, which provides food assistance to low-income individuals and families. Clients receive a debit card that can be used to purchase food and groceries. This card will help with the financial costs associated with these items. The government aid can help reduce the cost of food and groceries that families need.

Many community action agencies help eligible individuals or families enroll in SNAP by providing information about the program and helping them sign up.

Beaver County students who are on break can get free meals, snacks, and weekend food packs. This program provides food boxes to low-income families during the summer months. CAS can help parents with limited incomes sign up for programs that can provide much-needed assistance. It includes both summer and holiday breaks.

If you or your family is struggling to get enough food, you can go to a resource center or food bank for help. There are many food pantries in Beaver County and nearby towns that are mostly run by faith-based and social service organizations in an effort to eliminate hunger. Community Services Programs can help connect you with places that can provide you with all-meat, baby formula, all-produce, and mixed packages of groceries.

Some pantries in the region will require applicants to do community service in order to get free or low cost food. There are various services known by different names. SHARE is one of them.

Services for employment and stability

Beaver County’s community action agency provides advice and support to help families become financially independent over the mid to long term, like most other community action agencies. Counselors help families identify their needs and the barriers that keep them from being self-sufficient.

Community Action in Beaver Falls can connect people to Workforce Investment Act and Training programs. These programs can help people learn new skills and find jobs. These are government-funded and operated programs. Organizations that provide job training and support to people who are unemployed or looking to improve their skills. There are a number of services available to help with resume preparation, job fairs, computer labs and more. The federal government Workforce Investment Act programs provide access to training and resources to help people find and retain employment.

The Individual Development Account program is a service that helps people save money. The federal and private funds comprise the matching grants given to participants, and the money can be used for school, employment, or other needs.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, which is run by the United Way and Geneva College, provides tax assistance to low-income people. The number to dial is 724.847.6463. It provides free tax preparation services for federal and state taxes to taxpayers with low to moderate incomes. The program also includes electronic filing and direct deposit, which are both secure. The Tax Counseling for the Elderly program helps seniors with their taxes.

Location of Community Action in Beaver Falls

This means that even though there may not be a lot of resources available, there may still be some programs that can be used. The agency will provide information about government programs or local non-profit organizations that can help with expenses. The phone number for the main office of Beaver Falls, PA is (724) 847-3889.

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