Help from World Overcomers Ministries.

There is a lot of need for help in Berkeley County, and World Overcomers Ministries provides assistance with essential needs such as food, housing, and healthcare. Some of the things they offer come from them directly, like bags of groceries and referrals. Other services come from partnering with other organizations, like medical care from clinics.

The main programs and classifications are noted below. There is only a limited amount of resources available to offer assistance, so applicants should come prepared with proof of their hardship and other information. In many cases, other local agencies will be able to better assist clients with their needs. World Overcomers Ministries will also try to help as much as possible.

Low income families can get help with Thanksgiving and Christmas by getting free baskets of food or small gifts for their children. The agency coordinates the distribution of food and meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most of the agency’s members are volunteers.

The businesses and individuals in Berkeley County are important to this service. Most of the holiday assistance programs are funded by donations from civic groups and individuals. During the holidays, people tend to turn to religion more and the demand for World Overcomers Ministries increases. It’s a good idea to apply early for assistance, as there is a limited amount of free food, toys, games, and other items available for low-income families, especially for children.

If World Overcomers Ministries can’t help you, they will try to find someone who can. There are local holiday parties at many churches for kids, where they can get coats, and dinners held at soup kitchens. This means that people who are unable to leave their homes, like senior citizens, can have a meal brought directly to them. Volunteers are people who are willing to give their time and effort to help others or a cause, without being paid. Call the center to get more information on how to donate or request Christmas assistance.

The food pantry provides food and other essentials to families in times of need. The food bank typically serves needy families and individuals, and provides them with canned meats, rice, breads, tuna, peanut butter, canned fruits, formula, and cereal. There is also a service that provides and delivers monthly groceries to seniors and their souses who are shut-ins. For people who live on a fixed income, such as a pension or disability, this service can be very beneficial.

The goal of this program is to provide access to nutritious food for everyone in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for all. There are many resources available to help people in need, whether it be from the World Overcomers Ministries pantry or through SNAP food stamp assistance.

In some cases, money is available to help pay for things. Some people may struggle to pay for essential things like electricity, rent, or gas. The process of overcoming the world is difficult, and World Overcomers Ministries will try to help.

First, there will be an initial interview. This is done with the applicant to determine what they need. Based on the results, the Ministry has guidelines that determine if financial assistance or a short term loan will be given.

If you are in a crisis, there is help available. You will need to go through an interview process first. Case managers help people in crisis identify their income and expenses. Based on the results, we will develop a Plan of Action with them.

World Overcomers Ministries tries to be flexible with every situation and request and they do not have income restrictions. Many people need help paying their rent. People sometimes ask for help with paying their electricity or propane bills. World Overcomers Ministries will not pay an entire overdue bill, but will only help with a certain portion of what is due.

Clients will also need to sign up for Financial Management and Budgeting. Volunteers who are credit counselors will take a close look at the household’s finances and help them examine their purchases and establish a budget. This plan will help the client to be able to afford and pay their bills or rent on time every month.

The homeless and people facing imminent eviction can look into shelters and Transitional Housing as part of finding a place to stay. The staff from World Overcomers Ministries provides assistance to homeless individuals by offering them a place to stay or a meal. The other part of this will help clients learn the skills they need to live independently and find safe, permanent and affordable housing.

The clients that the organization typically serves are homeless pregnant women who are 18 years or older, single parents, or veterans. No matter what their background is, budgeting, nutritional counseling, case management, and job training can all be beneficial for them.

Thrift stores are stores where you can buy gently used clothing and other items. There may be some new items given away for free, which could include furniture, clothing, and other household items at a low cost. The Ministries thrift store partners with Goodwill and fills referrals given to it from various agencies to those in need.

Many people are aware that the cost of medical care is constantly increasing and outpacing inflation. The staff helps clients deal with any problems they have with this issue. They can give families money to help pay for prescriptions. They will also refer a patient to a less expensive community clinic in an effort to reduce hospitalization and ensure the client gets the medical care they need.

Contact information to apply for assistance

The World Overcomers Ministries can be reached at (843) 746-9536 or (843) 746-5180 for more information.

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