Help with paying hospital bills in California.

Mercy Medical is helping out those in the community who have medical debt or who are struggling to pay their medical bills. With 17 percent of Merced County residents owing on medical bills, Mercy Medical is doing its best to assist as many people as possible. This percentage is higher than what is typically seen in California. This medical debt is causing financial problems like bankruptcy. Many people who have medical debt are struggling to pay other bills as well. If someone who received medical care at Mercy owes more than 15 percent of their annual income to the hospital for a bill or unpaid debt, the hospital has a hardship plan available for those individuals and families. Many insurers will provide a discount on hospital bills. The hospital also has a payment assistance program for people who need help paying for their care. If a patient is unable to pay their bills, they may be eligible for the charity program which could provide financial assistance. It is important that patients who have medical debt do not ignore their bills. They will always do what they can to accommodate people. They offer a payment plan that allows you to spread the payments out over 30 months. People need to communicate with others in order to have successful relationships. If they don’t work with the hospital, Mercy Medical Center Merced will assign accounts that are not paid to agencies that handle bad debt. Many people who have insurance are still struggling to pay their debts. Mercy wrote off $15 million in bad debt from unpaid bills last year.

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