Rent Assistance

Help with rent in Cleveland County Oklahoma.

There are agencies in Cleveland County that can help you with either short-term or long-term rental assistance. Organizations such as churches, charities, and social services offer loans, grants, cash assistance, and other resources to help people pay their rent or security deposit. There are also organizations that offer low cost housing, shelters, motel vouchers, and other assistance in the Norman region and county. These are noted below.

These agencies are dedicated to providing housing and assisting with expenses. The goal is to end homelessness. This means that you owe rent or utility bills from the past. There is also help with moving and finding a new place to live, such as security deposit assistance or storage cost help. There are some charities which provide free motel vouchers to people in Cleveland County or they help veterans, single mothers or elderly people to pay their rental or housing costs. Some are shorter, some are longer. The length of each program varies.

The Community Action Agency of Cleveland County and Central Oklahoma provides financial aid in times of emergency (when funding is available). This means that both bills for renting a property and bills for a mortgage on a property are included. The phone number is four hundred and five, seven hundred and one, two thousand one hundred and seventy. The goal is to provide housing stability for those who are at risk of losing their homes. The agency will provide rental assistance through grants at their office at 224 S Chestnut Ave Ste 100, Moore, OK 73160. There are other buildings where people work. Applications are always needed in order to be considered for a position.

The Norman public housing authority is responsible for Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. There are homes available for rent at a reduced cost, and the family needs to pay 30% of their income for housing. There are many services available to help people in need, such as public housing, self-sufficiency programs, and credit counseling. The non-profit provides assistance to those who are struggling financially, elderly citizens, or those with disabilities. The applications are offered at the address 700 N Berry Road, Norman, Oklahoma 73069. The information number is (405) 329-0933.

The address for Food and Shelter – Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing is 201 Reed Avenue, Norman, OK 73069. The main phone number for this company is 405-360-4954.

Many homeless prevention and rapid rehousing services offer housing options. There is help for rent or deposit in an emergency, low-cost housing for a limited time, and someone to help manage your case. There are many housing resources that are designed to help families with children, including single mothers.

SVDP and St. Mark Catholic Church offer free household items, such as furniture, and financial assistance to those in need. Money can help pay for things like rent, electricity, water, food, and other necessary expenses. Rent help is only possible if there are donations – funding. The Norman Church is located at 405-366-8070.

Mission Norman is an organization that helps people with their electric bills or rent so they don’t get evicted. They will pay up to $25 for these expenses. They also help with employment needs, such as gasoline, from 2525 E. They help with employment needs, such as gasoline, from 2525 E. Lindsey is located in Norman, Oklahoma and has a zip code of 73071. Most financial aid is paid out once a month. Please call (405) 321-8880.

The Salvation Army of Norman helps people in need in Cleveland County. There is a place where homeless people can go, and also a place where people can go to get help with their rent or electric bill. There are social services, free or low cost furniture from a thrift store, clothes, and motel vouchers available to people in need. The office is at 318 E Hayes, Norman, OK 73069. You can find it by taking the main road through town and turning onto Hayes street. It should be the third building on your left. To get information or applications, call 405-364-9910. The Salvation Army in Cleveland County, Oklahoma is offering more assistance to those who are struggling to pay their rent.

You can get legal aid from Cleveland County Oklahoma by calling 1-888-534-5243 or (405) 557-0020. You can get free advice from lawyers. They help those who are low income, seniors, or disabled to avoid being eviction. For those who need assistance with rent payments, section 8 rent subsidies may be an option. Low-income individuals and families may also be eligible for other types of support, such as help with utility bills.

The Department of Human Services in Cleveland County provides financial assistance to residents who are struggling to pay rent or cover utility costs. which is a program that helps low-income families afford energy costs in the winter. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal program that helps low-income families pay for energy costs in the winter. ESG grants may be used to pay for rent, mortgages, security deposits, or other costs. The locations are: 631 E Robinson St, Norman, Oklahoma 73071 (phone (405) 573-8300) or 2507 N Shields Blvd, Moore, OK 73160 (dial (405) 912-2000).

Thunderbird Clubhouse is a place where disabled people who are homeless can stay and have a place to transition to a new home. The program includes people who are mentally disabled. The address is 1251 Triad Village Drive, Norman, OK 73071. The main phone number for this company is 405-321-7331.

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