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Helping Hands assistance programs and thrift store.

If you are a family in Midland County who is struggling, the non-profit, Faith Based group Helping Hands may be able to help you. They will get money from both private sources and the government to pay for things that their clients need. There is a wide variety of things to choose from, including food and clothing. There is also a thrift store where you can find affordable items. One-time emergency financial assistance may be available in some cases.

If someone is facing homelessness or eviction and they live in the area that the non-profit serves, they can go to the agency for help. This can mean anything from a one-time cash grant to advice and accommodations.

This program provides housing for people who have been homeless for a long time. The organization provides assistance through financial aid, educational resources, and other services. The goal of Helping Hands is to help people in need to improve their lives. There is housing and supportive services to assist people who have experienced homelessness to recover from the trauma of not having a home.

The Helping Hands housing stabilization program is for residents of Midland Texas who are in a crisis or experiencing short-term homelessness. This program provides funding assistance to eligible individuals. The program provides loans or grants to help stabilize housing for those at risk of becoming homeless or help those who are already homeless return to stable housing. Supportive services are also available to program participants.

The organization manages a community kitchen to provide free lunches to anyone in need using volunteers and full time staff. This site is open to the public and is mostly run by volunteers. The volunteers primarily operate the kitchen.

Help Hands also runs a food bank that gives out food to people who are in a difficult situation. Every year, the pantry provides thousands of meals or boxes of food to those who need it. The community kitchen and Midland County food pantry both depend on donations from people in the community.

The Helping Hands Thrift Store is a store that sells things that have been gently used before. The money raised is used to pay for the services they offer. There may be clothing, shoes, furniture, and kitchen utensils available for purchase at the store. – There is more that is offered depending on how much money is donated.

The agency will also provide an annual education program consisting of classes. The sessions held by teachers and staff members support clients on their path to self-sufficiency by teaching them the skills they need to achieve financial goals and become more independent. The topics covered in this course include learning how to manage your money, getting your finances in order, preparing for job interviews, and setting goals.

The non-profit’s employment program provides individuals with help in finding both short-term and long-term jobs. It also gives them support in developing their careers. The Helping Hands agency helps hundreds of people find jobs every year.

New hires can complete the necessary paperwork for employment with the help of this form. There are also pre-employment preparation sessions held by Helping Hands. The agency also provides other work-related resources, such as vocational certification, English-as-a-second-language (ESL) classes, job readiness training and professional re-certification.

At Helping Hands, we have employment specialists who work with clients individually to help them find a company that is a good match for their experience, skills, and interests. The agency can help potential employers with logistics, like coordinating interviews for individuals and groups.

Midland County veterans can get help from Supportive Services for Veteran Families. SSVF provides housing stability for veteran families. The SVF program is for families who do not have a home or are at risk of losing their home.

The government provides financial assistance to help people get or keep a place to live and also gives them guidance so they can become independent. SSVF provides services related to housing, education about financial literacy and life skills, job readiness, and employment. It also provides information about tenants’ rights and responsibilities. There is also help available from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and public benefit programs. Helpful Hands provides help to families of veterans based on their specific needs.

This organization provides resettlement services for refugees and immigrants. This organization helps documented refugees who are adjusting to life in a new country. This includes a variety of services for poverty-stricken newcomers.

The organization provides food, housing and employment assistance to immigrants and connect them to resources that can enable self-sufficiency. Workshops are available to help attendees with topics such as healthcare, English language training, transportation, financial aid and education. For more information about the charity, please visit their website at 1301 Brinson Lane, Midland, TX 79703, or call 432-520-8900.

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