Helpline in Onondaga County.

Onondaga County Helpline provides a variety of services. The staff and its volunteers offer a variety of services including referrals, food, limited financial assistance, and case management. Programs are funded through a combination of public donations and government grants, including emergency funding and shelter grants from organizations like the United Way.

The Helpline provides resources to help families in Onondaga County with food and preventing homelessness. This means that there may be references to money for things like rental expenses and past due utility bills. This means that in addition to providing free food, these organizations will also work with soup kitchens to provide meals for children and seniors, or offer free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Funds for bills from grants and donations

If there is a crisis, there may be money from programs like Emergency Food and Shelter or private donations. This will depend on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as other federal government resources. There is a yearly grant process where the amount of money available is limited.

Onondaga County Helpline may be able to provide information on agencies that can help pay for partial energy costs, depending on available resources. This money can be used to help pay for gas, heating, electricity, and oil, as well as partial payment for larger fuel purchases. If you’re struggling to pay your water bill or sewer payments, you may be able to get help from the government just once. This means that if a family wants to receive help with paying their bill, they must first pay a small amount of their own money as a show of good faith.

Some non-profits provide loans or grants to help people pay rent so they don’t become homeless. The organization may help families or individuals from Onondaga County with paying a portion of their home mortgage or back rent due to a landlord. The charity will only cover expenses for one month at most, but this will be combined with other types of assistance.

This means that if you are having trouble paying your rent or utilities, you will receive help to figure out why and how to fix the problem. If you are at risk of eviction, or are experiencing conflict with your landlord, Onondaga County Helpline can provide you with case management services. This may include advice on how to prevent eviction, or referrals to landlord mediation services. This will also include tips on getting back on track with making rent payments on time. Working with the client, create and monitor goals and objectives for their case plan.

For people who are too far behind on their bills, local shelters and transitional housing or apartments provide private and semi-private quarters. There are units that provide help for senior citizens as well as short term housing for women with children.

The sites provide residents with services like laundry facilities, free computers with internet access for job searches, and meeting and counseling space. The Onondaga County Helpline provides transitional housing and guidance to clients who are seeking permanent housing. The program helps clients stabilize their lives and find permanent housing within a short to mid period of time.

Food, clothing, and thrift stores referrals from Onondaga County Helpline

Food pantries and local clothing closets in Onondaga County are given either direct aid or referrals. There are outreach centers in the region that have free groceries or clothing items for people who need nutrition or other assistance. They provide families in poverty with healthy staple foods such as milk, pasta, canned goods, breads, and much more. The service is private and will not share your information with anyone.

The pantries also help those who are most vulnerable, such as senior citizens who may receive home delivered meals. There are programs that can help single parents with young children get access to things like formula and diapers. There may be other forms of assistance available as well.

Meals are prepared and served daily at several satellite meal sites or soup kitchens to feed seniors, children, or even the homeless. In addition, free hot meals are delivered each day to clients who are elderly or disabled and unable to leave their homes on their own. Other services for senior citizens include transportation to and from local shopping trips or medical appointments, as well as in-home care.

There are places that will give you free or cheap winter clothing if you need it. There are also free school supplies for children attending school. If a non-profit is in the Onondaga County Helpline database, it will likely receive money and items from various businesses, people, groups, fundraisers, and members of the public.

The Helpline is available at 435-8300. agencies in Onondaga County and Syracuse may be offered referrals

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