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Hendersonville Samaritan Association assistance.

The Hendersonville Samaritan Association can help you with whatever you need. The charity helps the working poor, seniors, and unemployed in Sumner County by working together with its staff and partners. There are many services that can help people in need, such as finding a job, paying rent or bills, getting food, and having a place to stay.

This means that not everyone who asks for help will receive it right away, and only a limited number of requests can be completed. However, if the team at the non-profit can’t help, they may be able to provide referrals. They will often have lists of programs that may be able to help families in the local area with the needs they have.

Low income households can get clothing, supplies, and furniture from the Hendersonville Samaritan Association Furniture Closet. Some Sumner County community members donate used clothing, household supplies, hygiene goods, and furniture year-round. These items are free to anyone who needs them.

The Samaritan Association will keep a list of items that people are looking for. If a client is looking for something that the Association does not currently have, the staff will contact the person when that item is donated. The Salvation Army also requests that individuals who are replacing gently used clothing, supplies, or furniture contact them about either contributing or volunteering.

If a client cannot get free items, they can go to the Thrift Store. This event is open to everyone. No matter what the family’s income is, they can go to the store to buy clothes and other household items.

The Hendersonville Samaritan Association Emergency Food Pantry provides low-income Sumner County households with a seven to ten-day supply of nutritious food every two months. In some cases, a family may need to visit the center more often, but this is not the norm. If you are in a crisis, please contact us. You will need to go through an intake process. The non-profit also gratefully accepts cash donations, which go towards buying bulk foods at wholesale cost to be given out by the pantry.

The caseworkers from Hendersonville Samaritan Association know where to look for financial assistance. Crisis counseling programs may be able to help people who are in a difficult or dangerous situation. Although there is no guarantee that everyone will receive assistance, the amount of money available is limited. Some of the things that may be provided are medical needs, including prescription glasses or drug co-pays, courtesy of non-profits such as the Lions Club or local businesses. Other things that may be provided are utilities, heating, or electric bills, housing and rent payments, gasoline vouchers for local Sumner County medical appointments or an interview, and referrals to shelters, community clinics, and other sources of emergency aid.

The Samaritan Association provides financial literacy education to low-income youth, the unemployed, adults, and seniors in Sumner Counties. This education is practical and helps people to improve their lives. The partnerships with non-profit agencies, financial literacy programming, churches and support from an extensive partnership network help lay the foundation for a strong financial future.

The help is given in a workshop. The course on Dunn Street in Hendersonville is designed to help people improve their money management skills, set goals, and achieve financial milestones. The Association and its partners will offer advice on how to purchase a vehicle, a home, or pay for a college education. One-on-one financial counseling with a specialist from the agency is available if needed.

There are various income limits in place for different applications, especially for rental assistance. The address of the Association is 116 Dunn St., Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075. Call (615) 824-7105.

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