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Hendricks County and Eagle Creek Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army assistance programs below have different levels of assistance based on how much inventory they have, how many volunteers they have, and how much funding they have. There are many resources available from the Eagle Creek Salvation Army including baby formula, free non-perishable food, help with energy bills or rent, shelters, free school supplies or Christmas gifts and diapers. The Salvation Army provides a variety of services at their Family Services locations, including (but not limited to) financial assistance, food, and counseling.

The material and financial support is combined with case management services. This is what the Salvation Army provides to eligible low-income families in need. This last part of the process helps people break the cycle of poverty, hunger, underemployment, and reliance on public assistance. You need to make an appointment to get help.

Documents Needed for Salvation Army Services

There is a process in place for making appointments. To get some form of aid, you need to bring the following items. The Salvation Army will need your birth certificate, your DWSS card, and your school records. -All adults in the household will need a State ID or valid driver’s license -For each child in the home in Hendricks County Indiana, you will need proof of residency including lease, utility bill (water, phone, gas, or electric), and identification -Income information on all household members -Social Security card for each member of the household if they have one

Assistance available from Eagle Creek Salvation Army in Hendricks County

The following are a list of assistance programs. This can change throughout the year based on factors such as funding, but the Hendricks County Salvation Army provides a free food pantry and soup kitchen as well as a clothing bank with personal hygiene supplies, soap, detergent, baby items, diapers, and more. They also provide utility bill and rent assistance in collaboration with 211 service and partner agencies. They offer free seasonal programs including Coats for Kids, Back to School Backpacks, Christmas toys, gifts, and angels, as well as veteran programs and resources for senior citizens and the disabled.

The Hendricks County homeless shelter and resource center are open to residents who are experiencing homelessness. Not only can you drop it, but other members of the community can too. A break from the weather can mean relief from the heat or cold. There is also a computer available for use, water and meals served, or basic needs like blankets. There are also various programs in Indiana that help prevent homelessness and quickly provide housing for those who are homeless.

The Salvation Army case management process involves a lot of different elements. A vocational program is a type of educational program that prepares students for a specific trade or career. Budgeting, saving and living within one’s means are important life skills. This document covers a range of topics, from finding affordable housing to gaining the skills needed to get a job in the high-tech industry. The goal is to help people lead productive lives.

The Family Store is a thrift store in Hendricks County. The Salvation Army runs the center. This store provides general merchandise to the public with some complimentary products given away in times of need or crisis. The Family Store relies on donations from the public to help those in need. When you donate to the Salvation Army, you are helping to support this important work. There are a few things you can do save money while shopping. One is to comparison shop, or look for sales and discounts. Another is to only buy what you need and resist buying things on impulse. You can also save money by planning ahead and making a list before you go shopping.

The Salvation Army provides drug rehabilitation services for adults in Hendricks County. They help people with substance abuse and other addictions. The programs can help people improve their sense of self-worth and reintegrate into society. The chaplain offers guidance and support on matters of faith and spirituality.

The Salvation Army is able to respond quickly to disasters and help with recovery efforts. They provide basic needs (food, shelter, meals, clothes, etc.) as well as things like love and support. The staff at each event tries to assess the needs of the community and respond to them as best they can.

Phone number and applications to Hendricks County Salvation Army

To find out what services the Salvation Army in Hendricks County can provide, call (317) 299-4454. The main Family service center is located at Eagle Creek in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, you can either drop by or give us a call.

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