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Henrico County public assistance programs.

There are many programs and resources available to help low income people in Henrico County Virginia. There are many different types of resources available, including those that are funded by state and federal governments. I need help with basic needs like food and paying bills. I also need help with things like medical bills and energy bills.

The Henrico County Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program can provide monthly cash payments for bills and living expenses. This resource provides financial assistance and grants to families with children who are eligible for low income assistance. A family who meets certain qualifications may be able to receive a monthly cash payment from the government to help pay for their basic needs, such as rent, housing, and utilities. The government has set certain income and resource requirements that applicants must meet.

The Cooling and Fuel Assistance program provides financial assistance to help low-income households pay for their regular monthly electric and heating bills, as well as support and financial assistance to pay for emergency repairs to heating and cooling equipment. Some organizations offer grants to help low-income families pay for air conditioning or fans during the summer. This can help families stay cool and avoid health risks during hot weather. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program provides grant money to help low income families pay their winter heating bills.

The Henrico County Food Stamp program can help low income households by providing them with extra money to spend on food. Any vouchers or public assistance benefits can be used to purchase canned goods, perishable food, groceries, and other necessary items. You can use SNAP food stamps to buy food at most grocery stores and supermarkets in the region. This government social services program helps thousands of local families every year.

Get money from Medicaid for medical bills and costs. Adults who are pregnant, disabled, blind, or seniors will receive cash assistance and benefits. This service can help residents pay for medical bills, prescriptions and other medical costs for children in foster care.

The residents with a serious life-threatening condition are offered the prescription medications. To get free medications, you must show a doctors note. The patient must have a physical copy of the prescription or the specified medication in a container.

Henrico County can help with funeral expenses and burial costs. The purpose of this public assistance is to help cover funeral or other burial-related costs for individuals or their spouses. If you have money set aside specifically for your funeral expenses, Medicaid will not count that money when determining your eligibility for assistance.

If you qualify for the program, you will receive either $3500 or $1500 to pay for funeral costs. Some Medicaid recipients will be offered $3500 to set aside for their own funeral and burial expenses, or their spouses’ funeral and burial expenses. If you are eligible for Medicaid, you will receive a maximum of $1500 from the Supplemental Security Income and Auxiliary Grants Program.

Transportation is provided by the Central Virginia Area Network System, or CVAN. Henrico County social services provides transportation assistance to those who have received or are currently receiving benefits from TANF. This service is provided in partnership with the Greater Richmond Transit Company. You can get a free or low cost ride to employment, job training, activities leading to employment, interviews, and child care facilities.

The Christmas Mother program provides assistance to families in Richmond and Henrico County during the holiday season. This can include toys, gifts, meals, and other necessary items. For information, please call (804) 236-9741. In order to qualify for this public assistance program, applicants need a referral from someone.

There is also emergency rental assistance available from Henrico Social Services. The county will provide a small amount of money to help people with a crisis situation pay their rent. They can also help families in Richmond get section 8 housing vouchers. Some things can be different. If you have someone in your household who needs special care, like an elderly person who needs oxygen or a newborn infant, you may be able to get extra money to help with housing expenses. There are other programs that can help you with rent.

The Henrico County Medically Indigent Child program is a program that is offered for children under the age of 19. The child does not have to live with a relative or parent. If a parent is not living in the same household as their child, they may still be liable for financial support through the Division of Child Support Enforcement. This includes medical support or paternity. This program can help with medical bills and other health care costs.

There is a resource that may be able to provide extra cash assistance payments for blind, aged, or disabled individuals who live in licensed Adult Homes. The government agency provides money to help pay for the care provided by the adult home. The individual’s own income is also used to help pay for care. If you qualify for AG, you will also get Medicaid coverage from both the state of Virginia and the federal government.

To find out more about Henrico Social Services or other assistance programs, call (804) 501-4002.

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