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Hillsboro and Washington County Oregon area rent assistance.

There are several programs that offer rental assistance and housing services in Hillsboro and Washington County, Oregon. If you need assistance with rent or your housing situation, look for information on who to contact and where to search. There are many organizations that can help with housing needs, whether it be back rent, shelters, or affordable apartments.

Emergency rent, low income housing, and other resources are available to people who may be facing eviction from their home or apartment. To be eligible for these resources, you must meet certain criteria. Many families in the Hillsboro, Oregon area receive financial and/or rent assistance from non-profit organizations and other agencies every year. In addition to partnering with federal government programs like Section 8 housing, Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing, many locations also work closely with state of Oregon housing and rent assistance programs.

Community Action is an organization that helps people in the Washington County Oregon region. They offer a number of services to people who are struggling financially. The assistance programs are designed to help people with short-term needs, such as rent and housing assistance, and to find and access longer-term housing solutions. You can visit the Hillsboro and Washington County Oregon community action agency to find out about emergency rent and housing assistance.

Other phone numbers to call for housing and homeless services in Oregon are (503) 640-3263 and (503) 615-0771. If you need help with rent, there are many resources available. You can get information and referral for all renter resources, emergency rent vouchers, and more. Our Hillsboro, Oregon location can be found at 1001 SW Baseline Street. Our phone number is (503) 648-6646.

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If you have an eviction notice or disconnect notice for your utilities, you may be eligible for emergency assistance. The address is 17175 TV Hwy C2, Aloha, Oregon 97006. This is the phone number for the Oregon State University Foundation.

To be eligible for assistance, applicants must meet certain conditions, such as having someone in their family who has been laid off or fired, experiencing domestic violence, or having a medical emergency. The program provides services to the eastern part of Washington County. Brunswick, NJ The non-profit organization provides and coordinates short-term emergency services, including rent assistance programs, to low income and needy residents of E. Brunswick, NJ. This allows them to stay in their homes and not become homeless. Washington County, Oregon is a beautiful place to live. The scenery is amazing and there are plenty of things to do. The people are friendly and there is a great sense of community. I would highly recommend Washington County, Oregon to anyone looking for a great place to live. Money for food, rent, utilities, and other housing and homeless prevention assistance.

The Fair Housing Council of Oregon is a organization that helps with housing discrimination and can also provide other resources like help with loans for bills or rent. This is the address of the company. The telephone number is 800-424-3247.

The Washington County Veterans Service Office provides financial assistance to veterans and their families to prevent eviction. The office is located in Hillsboro, Oregon, on 5240 NE Elam Young Parkway. The phone number is (503) 846-3060. The government agency provides assistance for utility bills and may have funds available to help low-income individuals with their housing needs. There may also be short term financial assistance available for security deposits, home repairs, and no interest loans for rental expenses.

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The Washington Legal Aid Services of Oregon provides free legal assistance to tenants in order to help them avoid or stop evictions. If you are experiencing housing discrimination, need help dealing with repairs from your landlord, or have other housing-related needs, there are resources available to help you. This Washington County non-profit can only provide referrals or advice on how to apply for government grants to help with rent, utilities, or other bills.

St Francis Social Action helps people in need by connecting them to resources that can help, like rent assistance or utility bill assistance. They can tell you about programs that can help you with your rent and utilities. They also have a place for homeless people to stay, a free weekly dinner, and a place to get clothes. This is the address of a house in Sherwood, Oregon. This is a phone number.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Washington County, Oregon, is a church-affiliated organization that provides assistance to people in need on a one-time basis. The society is located at 442 SE 3rd Ave in Hillsboro, and the telephone number is (503) 693-7528. The Hillsboro agency can provide security deposits, help with rental arrears, and other housing support. If you are homeless, shelters can provide a place to stay and other services. The St. Vincent Church is located at 12630 SW Grant Ave, Portland, OR 97223. Telephone number (503) 684-8280 The county has a rent assistance program to help with rent payments.

This government-affiliated agency provides housing and rent assistance and affordable rental opportunities for low-income families in Washington County, Oregon. In addition to looking for private housing, also apply for government programs like Oregon Section 8 vouchers and public housing programs. The address is: 111 NE Lincoln, Ste 200-L Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 Phone: 503-846-4794

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Community Action Family Shelter is a location that only helps veterans and their families. The location is 210 SE 12th Ave in Hillsboro, Oregon 97123. The phone number to reach them is (503) 640-3263. Other programs that may be available are emergency rent assistance, legal aid, job programs, and moving help. The Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program provides housing and support services to veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of eviction. The program offers rapid re-housing assistance and case management services to help veterans secure and maintain stable housing. If you need to be evicted from your home in Washington County, you may be able to get help finding a new place to live.

St Alexander Catholic Church provides assistance with bills and rent, up to a maximum of once every six months. Please call 503-359-0304. The address is 170 N 10th Avenue, Cornelius, Oregon 97113.


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