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Hillsborough County Community Action Agency assistance Programs

There are a lot of assistance programs that are run by the Hillsborough County Community Action Agency. They can provide money for emergency situations, like if you’re about to be evicted or your utilities are about to be disconnected. The non-profit also focuses on helping seniors and children that live in the county and providing for their needs.

The social services in the county are administered from several different centers. Case managers can help low income families access the resources they need, whether that means financial assistance to pay rent or food for their family. There are also programs to help homeless people find housing, including help with security deposits, and programs to help elderly and children in the county.

Care and assistance for seniors

The Community Action Aging Services can provide health and services to residents who are 60 years old or older. This means that there are services and equipment available to help people who have disabilities or who have difficulty functioning. The staff from the agency and county want people to be physically, social, economically, and emotionally healthy. This is done to help people who are old and their caregivers live better lives.

Case management can provide seniors with support on an ongoing basis. This will include a plan for how the person will develop, referrals to government benefits such as Medicare, and more. There is also a service in Hillsborough County that can help you connect with resources and services. It’s called the helpline, and you can reach it by calling 1-800-963-5337. If you are a senior citizen in Florida, there are many programs available to help you with various needs. These programs can provide assistance with things like housing, food, transportation, and more. To find out what programs are available in your area, contact your local senior center or the Florida Department of Elder Affairs.

Food and meal services are also available for seniors. There are free meals available at noon, as well as nutrition education programs and services to help improve your health. There are many nutrition centers located in Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County, Florida that are convenient to visit.

The Sunshine Line also offers transportation. This is a door-to-door transportation service that gives out bus passes to low-income, elderly, and disabled persons who do not have or cannot afford their own cars or transportation. The rides are usually for Aging Services day care, medical appointments and nutrition sites, or grocery stores. However, trips that are not for medical reasons are also available on a first-come, first-served basis, for a small fee. This is a phone number.

Home Delivered, or Meals on Wheels, is a service for seniors who are homebound and are unable to cook for themselves. People with disabilities, illnesses, or frailty should not have to leave their homes. This program is made possible by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners, West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, Florida Department of Elder Affairs, and donations. For more information, call the Central Intake line at 813-272-5250.

This means that if you are unable to leave your home, you may still be eligible for In-Home Services. This is for people who are elderly (60 and older), who are not able to do daily activities on their own, and who need help. The support services are provided to the senior person right in their home. The care may sometimes be offered for a long time, for example if someone is very sick. Most of the support is offered for a limited amount of time.

If you need help with activities such as getting dressed, taking a bath, or grooming yourself, we can also assist you with essential housekeeping to make sure your environment is safe and clean. Other forms of assistance may include having meals delivered to your home, personal care, and other aid. Call the Aging Services Central phone number at 813-272-5250.

Financial aid from Hillsborough County Community Action

There is help available for people who are struggling to pay rent or who are homeless in Hillsborough County. The community action agency can provide rental assistance and services to prevent homelessness. Residents who are struggling financially and who are in danger of becoming homeless or being evicted can apply for financial assistance to help with shelter costs. There are programs that can help with security deposits or other bills for those who need a place to live.

The neighborhood service centers can advise on how to deal with this issue. There are people at the site who can help you figure out if you qualify for a one-time rent payment. The money would go to the apartment complex or the landlord.

The program will last for a few weeks and the terms will vary. The case manager from Hillsborough County Community Action will work with the clients to figure out what to do next. The government will also decide whether to give financial support in the form of a loan or rental assistance. This means that each person will need to create a plan outlining how they will be able to support themselves without relying on others.

Other emergency assistance and social services are very varied and cover a lot of different areas. The staff members from the non-profit organization will evaluate the circumstances of each county resident who is requesting social services or support. They will figure out if they qualify for different types of money help, and it covers a lot of different things. This means that you will need to be able to do things on your own and not rely on others. This will involve learning new job skills, finding employment, and similar activities.

If you are going through a tough time financially, you may be eligible for some financial help from the government. The organization can usually help with paying for things like utilities, shelter, transportation, and more. Referral to benefits such as SSDI disability or TANF.

The community action agency is hosting a free tax preparation session. This campaign helps people to save money and get all the deductions they are supposed to get. The non-profit partners with the Hillsborough County Government, the United Way and other organizations to provide free VITA income tax preparation services.

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income households with energy costs. To be eligible, households must meet certain government income guidelines. The most that a qualified applicant can receive from a grant is a few hundred dollars. The Elderly Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) is a program in Florida that helps seniors with their energy costs. The Hillsborough County Community Action crisis program provides assistance to those who are at risk of being disconnected from their utilities, or who have already been disconnected. The program offers help with reconnection fees, utility deposits, and other assistance as needed.

Hillsborough County Health Care Plan is for people who are very low income and struggling with poverty. The Health Care Coverage Protection Plan (HCHCP) will make sure patients receive the medical and dental care they need. There are community clinics in the county, but many working poor people can’t use them because they can’t afford to pay for health insurance or medical bills. Without money, people cannot afford to go to the doctor when they are not feeling well, and instead must wait until they are very sick. If you are having a medical emergency, the Hillsborough County Health Care Plan can help you pay for treatment at an emergency room.

There is also help available for children who need day care. Hillsborough County operates and partners with multiple daycare centers using Florida and federal funds. This service is for parents who are in job training, working, and/or seeking full-time employment and meet the income requirements. This organization also partners with Lutheran Services and Tampa YMCA to provide full-day care, as well as with local public schools to provide part-day daycare.

Educational programs

The Hillsborough County Community Action Program Early Head Start and Head Start programs help low-income families by providing early childhood development services and education for their children. Other forms of assistance that may be provided to children under the age of six include free dental, medical, and mental health care, as well as nutrition and family support programs. These programs may be specifically designed for parents and expectant mothers.

The federal government provides early childhood programs for low-income families with children ages 0 through 4, including those with a disability or special needs. There is an excellent teacher to child ratio in classrooms across the county. Both teachers and staff members will be involved in screening children to determine their overall level of development. They will regularly check in on each child’s progress to make sure they are doing well in the Head Start program.

How to get financial aid from Community Action in Hillsborough County

The main Hillsborough County Community Action Program centers are located in the following areas. If you need help or more information about their services, you can call them.

MacArthur Blvd The Lee Davis Center is a building located at 3402 N. MacArthur Blvd. NE, Ruskin, FL 33570, the phone number is 813-877-1079The three centers are located at different addresses in Tampa, Plant City, and Ruskin, Florida. The telephone numbers are 813-272-5220, 813-757-3871, and 813-877-1079, respectively. The address is Ruskin, FL 3357. 22nd St., Tampa.In order to speak to someone at the University Community Resource Center, dial 813-671-7647. The University Community Resource Center is located at 13605 N. 22nd St., Tampa. 22nd St., Tampa, FL 33613, telephone 813-975-2153 Rome Avenue in Tampa, Florida has a main phone number of 813-272-5074.

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