Homeless Emergency Project housing and security deposit assistance .

The Homeless Emergency Project provides assistance with housing and preventing evictions. The agency helps people who are having a hard time in the Pinellas County area. They provide things like food and housing assistance.

This organization helps those in need by giving them a case manager. This case manager helps them by giving them the resources they need and connecting them with the right people. Together, they will work to become financially independent and stable in the long term. HEP’s solution-focused model helps the person solve problems and connects them with community services to meet long-term needs.

The case managers from Homeless Emergency Project work with clients to set goals around a few different areas of life, including increasing basic education, legal aid, vocational skills, access to economic resources, low income housing, mental health, tackling substance abuse, medical issues, and relationships.

Shelter and short term housing from Homeless Project

There is also a place for homeless people to stay overnight. This program provides temporary housing, food, clothing and other support services for up to 30 days. The Pinellas County Homeless Street Outreach Teams take referrals to the shelter all week long. When someone leaves the center, they either get help finding housing from other resources in the community or they continue to get help from us as they become more independent.

More places that provide temporary housing for up to 90 days for individuals, single moms, and families. There are also services that can help you. The family transition program helps people who are struggling to pay their rent or are facing a housing crisis because of financial difficulties.

The agency provides services to help stabilize the housing situation and provide rapid re-housing when possible. This can include government grants to pay for things like moving costs, security deposits, and rent. This is only for families that make less money. Other support provided by the organization includes in-home case management and continued support to families for a maximum of one year. The FTP program connects families with community resources, including those at local churches. This allows families to receive the help they need from their community.

HEP’s transitional housing program can provide individuals with a place to stay for up to 2 years in some cases. Clients are given time to work on goals that will help them live independently, get a job, make more money, and improve their mental health and manage their substance abuse.

This non-profit agency also offers a permanent supportive housing service in Pinellas County. This resource provides stable housing for qualified individuals who are senior citizens or have disabilities. This program provides care to clients over an extended period of time and offers specialized services.

Social services from Homeless Emergency Project

The Homeless Emergency Project offers many different programs to help people improve their education and employment skills so they can find and keep a job. A tutor can help people who are unemployed or struggling to get by to improve their skills and increase their chances of success. This will include being able to read and communicate effectively. There are also a series of life-skill classes that include instruction on useful topics such as banking, credit repair, job preparation, and parenting.

A series of GED classes are available in Florida. The tests are designed specifically for each student’s level of education and their current skills, with the option to take a pre-test individually. A job-skills coach from Homeless Emergency Project helps clients practice for interviews. They will help them get job training. This classes teach people how to use different types of software on computers, such as Windows operating systems and Excel.

Many homeless people may lack the ability to perform certain tasks that are required for certain jobs. This is where learning and practicing new skills come in handy. The Project’s case managers can help you find a job that is entry level or has fewer barriers to entry in Pinellas County. There are many jobs that an undereducated person can get easily.

Financial help for bills, free basic needs, and other help

HEP is also providing food or meals to the hungry and homeless population. The food provided includes various meats, poultry, produce, baby formula, dairy products, canned goods, rice, pasta, flour, baking supplies, fruit cups, cereal, crackers, and cheese-and-cracker snack packs. They also have information on food banks as well as benefits such as food stamps. The organization also has specialists who work with individuals or the homeless, including a licensed nutritionist, to help them develop healthy eating habits.

If someone is homeless or trying to find a new place to live in Pinellas County, they may need money to help them. If the client is stabilized and no longer in immediate danger, then non-profits or charities that work with the Homeless Emergency Project may offer emergency funds. There are many places that will allow you to try and learn more about renting.

Hygiene is also important. HEP provides personal-care kits to homeless citizens and those facing poverty to help them maintain good personal appearance and hygiene. Each kit includes different items like soap, razors, shaving cream, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, nail-care devices, and towels. This means that feminine hygiene products are free for women to use.

The agency provides free dental care for low-income citizens who fall below 200% of the federal government poverty level. Some of the assistance provided by volunteer dentists includes helping with emergency pain relief and providing preventive and restorative care. The HELP dental clinic is staffed by nurses, dentists, and other professionals from the community. It is funded by private grants.

Some Pinellas County Florida citizens who cannot afford legal counsel can get free legal help on a monthly basis. The goal is to help people get government benefits they may be entitled to, such as disability or housing assistance. Pershing, provides free civil legal assistance to low-income people throughout southwest Florida Gulfcoast Legal Services is a free civil legal assistance provider for low-income people in southwest Florida. They work with other organizations such as the Office of the Public Defender and Law Offices of Amy G. Pershing to provide this service. Bellhorn PLLC offers advice on various legal matters.

Many veterans are homeless in Florida and Pinellas County. HEP provides housing for male and female veterans who are low income at its West Apartment Community complex. The housing is safe and affordable. This features single-occupancy units. There are a number of other services available to residents, including mental health care, medical care, referrals, benefits, substance abuse counseling, and more.

The organization is based in Clearwater, Florida, at 1120 North Betty Lane, and can be contacted by phone at (727) 442-9041. If you are struggling with rent or facing homelessness, call them.

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