HomeShare program in Ventura County.

The HomeShare program is a partnership between the Housing Authority and City of Ventura California, and other organizations, that helps people find housing. The service is free for qualified residents and will help them save money on rent by matching them with others. The program’s purpose is to help families and residents in the City and County of Ventura.

The government-supported program will help connect people who need housing with people who need tenants, but the final decision will be made by the homeowner and the person looking for housing. Living with someone and sharing housing costs has been shown to be successful. This can include splitting rent or a mortgage. One person may be offered a reduced rate in exchange for helping with household chores and providing companionship and/or friendship. You can save money by reducing your monthly rent costs or sharing expenses with others. The individuals who move into these homes are often younger, while the people who provide them are typically seniors. HomeShare does not require that you have a pet.

Program terms and background

What will happen is that some or all of the following will occur. To complete the process, you must fill out an application. After that is done, a careful and thorough background check will occur. Additionally, participants will be interviewed, and the provider’s property will be inspected. Throughout this process, we will answer any questions you have and follow up with you as needed. We may also do additional checks as needed.

This program is not for emergency housing or rental assistance. This can take a while because the applications need to be processed, a match needs to be found, and an investigation must be done during the application process. This process takes time and everyone involved wants to be as certain as possible before moving forward.

The organizers of the program will put two people together, but the match is ultimately made by the home seeker and home provider themselves. No agency will force people to live together or share their home against their will. The goal is that two people who are compatible will be matched together.

The person who provides home care is usually older and/or a senior citizen. There is a high demand for housing among young people. The younger person may help the senior with some chores in return for a lower rent amount. This is the model that has been shown to be effective.

The HomeShare team will regularly check in to see how the match is going and will help solve any problems that come up. If people are not compatible or if problems arise, then the arrangement can end.

The program is worked closely with various non-profits, such as the Ventura Area Agency on Aging, and is supported by the government. No one is charged any fees or expenses, and the goal is to help people find others to share rent, utilities, maintenance, and other costs with.

The program is very successful in creating bonds between different generations. Essentially, a senior citizen can work out a deal with a younger person where the younger person helps offset the cost of rent by performing maintenance or other chores for the senior.

Applying for HomeShare in Ventura County

Homeshare of Ventura is a company located in Ventura, California that helps people find housing. This is the phone number for more information or to sign up for something.

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