Housing Partnership of Chester County programs.

The Housing Partnership of Chester County is an agency that helps people who are struggling with their home repairs or finances. Staff can help homeowners apply for mortgage help from Home Loan Modifications and direct people to Senior Fuel Assistance Program, among many other services.

The HPCC provides assistance to low-income residents who are struggling to pay their heating bills. This assistance is for seniors and is offered as part of the Senior Fuel Assistance Program. If we have the money, we will pay home-fuel providers directly for qualified tenants or homeowners who are at least 70 years old.

This program is for people who pay for their own heating bills and whose combined income falls below a certain limit. In addition to the Chester County requirements, applicants must also submit proof of income as well as a copy of either a photo identification card or a birth certificate. The non-profit agency says that the program provides a subsidy to low income residents, but it can only be used once.

Housing Partnership of Chester County helps people fix up their homes. This countywide service helps low to moderate-income homeowners repair housing violations, including structural, roofing, plumbing, heating and electrical problems. The service also helps clients to remove any lead-based paint from their home.

The repair program not only helps clients pay for modifications to their home that make it more accessible for people with disabilities, but also provides guidance and support throughout the process. This includes making recommendations for specific changes, helping to obtain the necessary permits and approvals, and providing on-going assistance as needed. To be eligible for this program, the owner must occupy the property. The home must be a single-family dwelling that is detached or semi-detached, or a row or a condominium. The HPCC will only enroll people if they are up to date on their real estate taxes. If the property is in an area that is prone to flooding, insurance is needed for any improvements made to the home.

The CCHMP helps people with disabilities improve the accessibility of their homes. CCHMP provides services to disabled people of all ages. This program provides modifications to homes such as installing ramps, lifts, widening hallways and doorways, altering kitchens and bathrooms, adding visual doorbells and phones for hearing impaired people, and phone signalers. The program is paid for by Keystone Communities and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

This program provides financial assistance to seniors for home maintenance and repairs. This company provides a variety of services including installing heaters, repairing roofs, adding bathrooms and putting up siding. The program provides a one-time grant to those who qualify.

Low-income and moderate-income individuals and families who are interested in purchasing a home for the first time can get help and counseling from HPCC. This means that the money does not have to be repaid. The First-Time Home Buyer Program provides counseling and low interest loans to help with the purchase of a home.

Credit counseling from a non-profit organization can help people with debt and credit issues. This free service helps individuals figure out current problems and stop future problems. This program will help people figure out what they need and want, make a budget, and set realistic short- and long-term goals to fix their problems.

The staff from HPCC regularly communicates with clients to ensure that they are making progress towards their objectives. Individualized counseling includes assistance with reducing expenditures, analyzing and improving a credit report, eliminating debt and becoming creditworthy. The Credit Counseling Program provides advice on how to deal with creditors.

The residents of Chester County can call the Housing Partnership for help. The HPCC is situated on 41 West Lancaster Avenue, Downingtown, Pennsylvania 19335. The phone number is 610-518-1522.

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