Assistance Program

Hunterdon County assistance programs.

If you live in Hunterdon or Flemington New Jersey and need help, you can contact your local community action agency, NORWESCAP. The following are services and assistance they offer: -Financial aid -Academic advising -Career counseling -Mentoring -Tutoring -Study abroad -Internships

Home energy bill and conservation programs

NORWESCAP runs several programs that offer assistance with paying for electric, heating, and water bills. The resources below are included.

The USF program helps low to moderate income customers in New Jersey with home energy and heating bills. The government will give money to help people who live in poverty pay their electric and gas bills.

The Weatherization program is a government initiative that helps low-income households save energy and money by improving their homes’ insulation and energy efficiency.

This program provides cash grants and funds to help qualified households in Hunterdon County pay their energy and heating bills. The government provides financial assistance to utility companies or fuel vendors in the form of grants.

The New Jersey Shares program provides financial assistance to people who are in need of temporary help in paying their home utility bills. This assistance is available to eligible households in order to help them meet their essential energy needs. The NJ Shares program is for people who have received a shut-off or termination notice for their utility service. People who are already getting help from another program or who make too much money are not eligible for this program. This means that there is more than one correct answer to the question.

Short term, loan interest loans

The community action agency provides loans with low interest rates to families and individuals who are struggling. This company provides financial assistance to families in need through their Family Loan Program. The loan can be repaid over a period of two years at low interest rates. There are a few different reasons why people might take out a loan. Some common reasons are to buy a car, or to make repairs on a car. People might also take out a loan to help with housing expenses like rent or a mortgage payment. Another reason people might take out a loan is to pay for child care. Look for other programs that offer loans.

Aside from helping with utility bills, the community action agency also provides other forms of assistance. This means that there are many places where you can get help, such as getting free food, help with housing and rent, and educational services. The other programs for children are the summer lunches and snacks programs as well as the Head Start program. The NORWESCAP phone number is (908) 454-7000. Occasionally, they may have money available to help people with rent and other housing expenses. They can always offer advice and referrals as well. Call (908) 237-9008 to get help with rent from Interfaith Hospitality Network of Hunterdon County. The HPRP program provides homeless prevention assistance and rapid re-housing assistance to eligible individuals and families. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides eligible low-income households with help in paying their heating and cooling bills. The agency is located in Flemington, New Jersey. The number 908-782-2490 can be used to contact someone. Please call 908-782-7905. They collect food from donations and stores and make it available to people who cannot afford to buy food. Some of these organizations also provide other services like clothes and help with utility bills. Some pantries only help people who make a certain amount of money, but others will help anyone who needs food. They offer a place to stay, food, and gifts for people who need them during Christmas. There is a place where you can get food and clothes. Open Cupboard of Clinton can be reached by calling (908) 537-2221. Their address is 37 Old Hwy 22. Please call (908) 730-7320. Other assistance may include access to a food bank or pantry, which can provide canned or fresh groceries, holiday food baskets, formula, and much more. Case managers can provide information about, or help people apply for, SNAP food stamps. Some places that might have food for people who need it are food pantries. One county that has food pantries is Hunterdon County. The function should return an array of objects, each representing a person, with an id and a name The function should return an array of objects, each representing a person, with an id and a name.

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