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ICAN assistance programs.

The non-profit ICAN is a HUD approved agency and a leading charity in Stark County. They are committed to helping the vulnerable. The organization will help people who are working but are still poor as part of the Housing Crisis Response program. They provide apartments for people who were homeless and help meet other needs of people with low incomes.

ICAN’s Outreach and PATH service mainly serves people who are homeless or living in poverty. The organization seeks out individuals on the street or that are living in local shelters. Some clients may have experienced domestic violence, or be single parents with children. The goal is to help people who are alone and have no other support system to meet their emergency needs.

ICAN Housing provides homeless people with things they need, like a place to stay, food, and money for a security deposit. They also help with transportation by giving out bus passes. There are also care kits available for people who are taking part in Outreach or PATH programs. This box contains items that you would need for personal hygiene, such as socks, soap, shampoo, hand wipes, toilet tissue, healthy snacks, and other items that may be available.

The Drop In Center at the main office is a safe and welcoming place. This is for people who are vulnerable and don’t have a home. The site can be used to get away from bad weather conditions in Ohio, or just to get a hot cup of coffee. A case manager can help you find a job or get information about hot meal sites, clothing giveaways, and other useful things. The bus passes for a job interview in Stark County are also issued from the site.

ICAN is a US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Safe Haven agency. The Basic Accommodations Program provides housing and services for homeless adults with severe mental illness who are difficult to reach. The goal of this is to help them stabilize their lives and address any mental health issues they may have so that they can eventually live independently.

Many of the people who use this service have had difficulty or been unwilling to join housing programs in the past. For many people who are homeless, basic accommodations like shelters are their first stop after living on the streets. The applications are looked over by the people who work at the resource and the people who help with services on site. While this is not intended as a long-term solution, there is no limit to how long participants may stay. When people are ready to leave, they can be referred to resources that may be able to help them, such as Social Security disability benefits or emergency funds for moving costs.

The Housing Crisis Response Program is for applicants who have a very low income. They also need to have a disabling mental illness and be homeless. If the applicant meets the conditions, the next step is to do a pre-screening to see what kind of housing they need and if they have the ability to become self-sufficient.

If you are accepted into the ICAN housing program, you will be required to make a plan to become self-sufficient within 2 years or less. To qualify for this program, applicants must have a job, rebuild their credit, and meet other conditions. The applicant must also provide documentation of their progress in meeting income goals on a quarterly basis.

The ICAN Rental Assistance Program provides financial assistance with rent to very low-income individuals and families who have been affected by a mental illness or disability. To receive a grant from ICAN Housing, you must verify your disability and encourage tenants to participate in treatment services.

This financial assistance is only for ICAN owned properties in Stark County, Ohio. An individual must be homeless or in an emergency shelter to qualify for any form of rental assistance or loan from the non-profit.

Westpark is another place where you can find resources. This was designed to help with ICAN’s housing program. This is a type of housing where the amount of rent you pay each month is based on how much money you make. In order to be eligible for this program, individuals must provide documentation from a medical professional verifying their disability. Your income must be at or below a certain amount to qualify for an apartment.

Rent-subsidized apartments are apartments that have their rent price partially or fully paid for by the government. The HUD 811 service is a government program that helps provide housing for disabled people. The government provides housing for single adults with severe disabilities who have low incomes. There are two places in Start County where you can find housing, Canton and Alliance. HUD 811 does not require that an applicant be homeless to receive financial assistance, but gives preference to those who are homeless.

The Veteran Family Homes Program is an option for veterans in Stark County. This non-profit provides housing for families with a low to moderate income who have veterans as family members. There is a fee that the tenant will need to pay that is based on 30 percent of their household income for the rent.

Residents of low income apartments or rent subsidy programs also receive other forms of support. They will have access to tenant services that ensure they are successful in the long term once they move into stable housing. The organization provides various services such as legal aid, home visits, lease training, job placement and interventions in cases of lease violations that may lead to eviction.

The ICAN organization provides services across Start County. The office is located at 1214 Market Ave. This is an address in the city of Canton, Ohio. You can call 330-455-9100 to find out more about the services that are available.

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