Assistance Program

Idaho Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Idaho Catholic Charities generally does not offer financial aid. The charity can offer free and paid services, referrals, employment resources, and other support, but they do not offer financial assistance.

Sometimes case managers can help clients figure out where to go to get help paying for rent and utilities as part of Community Resource Referrals. However, the Catholic Charities of Idaho centers listed below probably won’t have their own funding available to help with these expenses. At Catholic Charities, we understand that when one member of the family is in need, the whole family is affected. That’s why we offer assistance to the entire family, not just the individual in need. We know that by helping the whole family, we can make the biggest difference in their lives. They partner with other non-profit organizations and government resources in the community to best serve those in need.

Case Management Services are available

The professional social workers at CCI will sit down with you to discuss all aspects of your life. They will focus on the areas of your life that are going well, and help you develop a plan to improve the areas that need improvement. Service Coordinators work with you to help identify your strengths and connect you with services and resources that can help you achieve your goals. It includes linking you with resources and services to support your well-being and helps you connect to community resources. This task can be completed within two weeks or may take several months to complete with ongoing support. We will support you until you feel confident and independent again.

Our Case Management services help with things like money, housing, family relationships, health, and social connections. The agency has a model that focuses on the strengths of the people receiving services. Case managers also work to serve those clients who may not be eligible for any form of assistance from other sources. I will also get help and suggestions in connecting to other local support systems that can provide the resources I need in Idaho. There are many high-paying jobs that can be done from home. Some of these jobs may require special skills or training, but many of them can be done by anyone with the right motivation and a good work ethic. Here are some of the highest paying jobs that can be done from home: 1. Freelance writer 2. Social media expert 3. Web developer 4. SEO consultant 5. Virtual assistant 6. Business coach 7. Online marketer 8. Graphic designer 9. Proofreader 10. Event planner

This means that the cost of counseling services will be based on your income. Counseling services provide help to people who are struggling with emotional or behavioral difficulties that are impacting their lives in a negative way. There are counselors who specialize in helping with a variety of issues, such as marriage, divorce, job stress, grief, depression, anxiety and more.

Counseling services are available in person at the Boise office, and online counseling services are available to anyone in the state of Idaho. If you’re unable to come in for traditional therapy sessions, you may be interested in e-Counseling services. To use CCI e-Counseling, you will need a private location, a smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer with video capabilities, and a dependable internet connection.

The CCI can help you make positive changes in your life. Our counselors tailor their services to fit the individual needs of their clients by using reputable theories and techniques. CCI counselors help their clients by using the client’s strengths to create goals that the client can achieve.

Services that help immigrants with legal matters are offered. These services are available to newcomers to the country, women, children, or other victims of domestic violence. A consultation/intake session is a meeting with a lawyer to discuss your legal issue. The lawyer will ask you questions about your case and give you advice on what to do next. The firm provides consultations to help potential immigrants determine if they are eligible for citizenship or green card status, and if so, the firm will help prepare and submit the necessary petitions to USCIS. The CCI provides DOJ-certified staff and lawyers to help with this process. There are many programs for immigrants new to Idaho or any other state. Some programs help with things like housing and food, while others help with things like finding a job or learning English.

There are many resources available to help those who are victims of domestic violence, such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the U-Visa.

Catholic Charities of Idaho helps people who came to the United States as children get work permits and protection from deportation through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The young people in question came to the US without proper documentation, but are not considered a high priority for enforcement by authorities. DACA will allow people who came to the US illegally as children to have a path to citizenship so that they can contribute to society.

Catholic Charities of Idaho is a great place to find services and referrals, as well as general information. This is a free service for people of any religion or income level who are looking for resources in their community.

Locations of Catholic Charities centers in Idaho

The main centers are located in different places.

The address is 7201 W Franklin Rd, Boise, ID 83709 and the phone number is 208.345.6031.

The address is 554 4th Street, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401 and the phone number is 208.881.0740 (appointments only).

In Idaho, you can dial 211 for general referrals.

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