Impact NW emergency assistance programs in Portland OR area

The services provided by Impact NW help low-income and homeless families in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties, Oregon. These services can include food assistance, financial assistance, housing assistance, and more. They also help people who live in Clark County, Washington. Case managers can help people apply for public benefits, and they also run their own programs to help people in need.

At Impact NW, our highly trained staff and volunteers work with clients to connect them with the social services they need. There is help available for paying bills or rent, and staff can answer questions about health insurance and Medicare. Other resources for seniors include free tax counseling and preparation, and consultations concerning legal issues related to elder law, wills, and guardianship.

The Case Management Program also provides assessment, consultation, and advocacy services to people in Multnomah and other counties. The non-profit agency provides services in multiple languages to accommodate its diverse client base.

Information on financial aid, housing and government programs from Impact NW

The people that are living in poverty and have a low income often have a lot of obstacles that get in the way of having a good health and being self-sufficient. The staff at Impact NW are aware that they cannot meet all of their clients’ needs, especially when it comes to financial needs. The non-profit provides individuals and families with information about and access to a wide range of resources and services available throughout the state of Oregon as well as Washington to ensure that they receive all of the help and support they need.

The staff at Impact NW can help you apply for assistance programs that are offered through community partners. There is a government-funded program called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that provides food Stamp benefits for low-income households. The Action for Prosperity program helps people with housing, employment, and training.

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The Bridges to Housing Program partners with agencies in Washington and Multnomah to provide homeless families with safe, low income yet permanent housing or apartments. The services are designed to help families and children build on their strengths.

The goal is not only to provide a stable place to live, but also to address the multitude of additional barriers faced by homeless families. If someone has a history of abusing substances, bad credit, criminal activity, and mental and physical disabilities, it may be very difficult for them to keep up with rent payments over time. Even if you have been evicted before, there are ways for you to rent again.

The CHSP – Congregate Housing Services Program is responsible for taking care of several affordable complexes for senior citizens and adults with disabilities. There are several places where you can find CHSP housing, including Grace Peck Terrace, Dahlke Manor, Rosenbaum Plaza, and Unthank Plaza. Some other services that case managers can provide include helping people figure out what their needs are, advocating for them, talking to other professionals about the person’s situation, and helping them access different services. Other services that can be provided in someone’s home, like helping with cleaning or personal care, are also an option. There is more information available on housing for people with disabilities.

These families need access to resources that will help them get back on their feet, such as education and job training, financial assistance, and affordable housing. They need help finding and keeping a job as well as access to resources that will help them become financially stable.

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Richmond Place, Impact NW’s transitional housing facility, provides services to vulnerable households such as the elderly or disabled among others to help them improve their situation. The program provides housing for extremely low-income families for up to 30 months. Housing is not inflexible, and people with histories of mental illness, substance abuse and domestic violence are welcome. Case managers work to connect families with services that can help them in areas such as job training, parenting classes, GED instruction, and financial literacy workshops.

The goal of the Impact NW In-Home, Respite, and Adult Day Care Services Program is to keep clients safe and independent in their own homes. Sometimes people need a break, especially if they are taking care of a family member or a child. The Family Caregiver Support Program provides caregivers with training, support groups, respite care, and supplemental assistance.

Assistance for students, children, and new parents in the Portland Oregon region

The goal of the SUN Community Schools Program is to provide support for low-income public school students from struggling households in Portland and Clackamas. The program provides extended-day activities that involve parents, students and community members. There are also programs that give vouchers for free daycare in Oregon.

The programs offered by Family Services and Early Childhood aim to help children from low-income families who are most likely to be neglected, malnourished, and have delayed development. Impact NW provides resources to support parents who are in a cycle of poverty that is passed down from generation to generation. This will also involve promoting consistent nurturing, healthy development, and school readiness for their children.

The Healthy Start program is a free, voluntary program for first-time parents or single moms. The program provides support and resources to help these parents give their children the best start in life. The goal of this program is to improve the health and well-being of infants and young children by promoting healthy growth and development, positive family relationships, and enhanced family functioning. This can be done by teaching parents to see their strengths and use problem-solving skills. This can lead to getting a job and more.

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The Impact organization helps seniors and adults with disabilities in Multnomah and Clark Counties in Washington to be more independent. Impact NW’s Transportation Assistance program makes it easy for clients to get around, in partnership with TriMet, Multnomah County ADS, and Ride Connection.

Rides are offered for people who need to go to medical appointments, do shopping, or participate in social activities. The transportation options available are either Escorted Rides or free/low cost Bus Tickets and/or Taxi Fare. There are also Group Nutrition Rides to local food banks and major grocery stores in the region. This even includes a Meals on Wheels service.

Contact and phone number for Impact NW

Impact NW has a few locations where people can go for information or to apply for services. The following are some ways to improve your English skills. You may be given referrals to housing resources, information on grants, and other support.

The address for Early Childhood Services is 2037 Douglas St., Forest Grove, OR 97116. The phone number for Housing Programs is 503-988-6000. The energy bill assistance number is 503-988-6020. The number for Services for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities is 503-988-6300. The Senior Guardianship Assistance Program number is 503-357-7520.

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