Imperial County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

A social service charity that is prominent in the Imperial County area is the Catholic Charities. The non-profit has been helping the less fortunate for a number of years. There are many programs available, but the priority is on satisfying basic needs.

When it comes to addressing a crisis, this is when items such as free food may be given out to people in need. If a family is in danger of having their utilities disconnected, they can apply for government grants from LIHEAP. These grants can be used to help pay for heating or energy bills. Other crisis programs include preventing people from being forced to leave their homes, discounted prescription medications, as well as care arranged for seniors.

The Community Food Pantry may distribute both groceries and other items, such as personal hygiene items. Catholic Charities of El Centro provides a bag of free food to those in need.

The contents of the box will change depending on what donations are available or what time of year it is. There may be food such as fruits, vegetables, milk, or similar items. The food at the center is donated by area churches, fund raisers, service organizations, schools, numerous businesses, and individuals.

Christmas food baskets may be available at the pantry during the holiday. More details are below. Anyone that is in need of assistance or is hungry and lives in the service area is eligible for help.

This means that the food pantry will have different items available each month. Catholic Charities of Imperial County will need to meet with applicants by appointment each day to assess their needs. This approach also has the benefit of allowing Case Managers to make recommendations about other social services when they meet with individuals one-on-one. This can include things like helping them find a job or giving them money for food.

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The church will be giving out bags of food, most of which will contain non-perishable items. However, the contents of each bag may vary. The goal is to provide applicants with items that may be helpful in meeting their needs. If there is a child in the home, the contents will be different than for seniors.

This list of groceries may include bread, produce, milk, and eggs. There may also be other personal hygiene items such as paper towels, cleaning products, toiletries, or maybe even diapers. This means that the goods will be given out based on how much is available.

Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit that provides low-cost meals to people in need. Donations are appreciated to help keep the program running. It’s only found in some parts of Imperial County. This product was created to provide nutrition for people who cannot leave their homes. There may even be pet food from Meals on Wheels for low income people in Imperial County.

Volunteers from Imperial County Catholic Charities and partner agencies deliver a free hot or cold meal to people who cannot shop for groceries or prepare a meal for themselves. The average person who benefits from this is 60 years of age or older, and in most cases they live alone or with a spouse. This organization is willing to work with what you have.

Catholic Charities of El Centro will decide if you are qualified. The program provides assistance to those who cannot shop or prepare meals for themselves. Donations are needed as noted, but there are no income requirements or restrictions in place. The church reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the program at any time, but will make every effort to not deny anyone access to the program due to their inability to donate.

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The food served by the organization is cooked on-site. They will eat a healthy and balanced diet. A registered dietician supervises the food preparation. There will be meat, dairy, vegetables, bread, margarine, and more served as food. Cold evening meals can be prepared for those who are staying at home. This will include a sandwich, a side dish, a dessert, and a drink.

Catholic Charities of Imperial County provides assistance for holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The staff and volunteers from Imperial County are doing their best to make sure that families with children and the elderly in nursing homes can still celebrate. There will be food and small toys for children. Holiday programs help people in need, regardless of their religion.

There is not a lot of financial aid available. The church House can help people with things like rent or energy bills. You can look into prescription medical programs if you need help with your medications. Other options for paying back rent, though less common, are available.

The Department of Public Welfare provides assistance to those who are eligible for entitlements such as SNAP food stamps or CalFresh. If eligible for any type of cash grant, the funds will be sent directly to the landlord or utility company.

Applying to Imperial County Catholic Charities assistance programs

In addition to everything else, we also give referrals to other charities or government benefits. They are a food bank. The Catholic Charities food bank can be contacted at 760-353-6823.

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