Food Pantries

Indiana County Pennsylvania free food pantries.

If you are a senior citizen, have a low income, or are struggling in some way, you can get free food. There are several programs in Indiana County that provide food for residents. There are several organizations that provide food for those in need, including Meals on Wheels, food pantries, and charities. These organizations often provide non-perishable goods, such as canned goods or dry goods, as well as infant or baby formula.

Some of the assistance is available by referrals, such as from the regional Indiana County Catholic Charities. The staff help clients find everything from soup kitchens to meal delivery services. The county has an assistance office that can help you apply for SNAP food stamps or other benefits.

A food pantry is often the best option during a crisis. They can provide groceries, cereal, baby formula, and even Christmas meals or clothing all year long. These locations are often more willing to negotiate on price and services.

The Catholic Charities Diocese is located at 1055 Oak Street in Indiana, PA. The main phone number is 724-349-4500. They operate two food assistance programs. The church group will provide home delivered meals for the elderly, disabled, and homebound. In addition to free pregnancy and infant care, free baby formula and infant supplies will also be provided.

It also offers programs to help people improve their lives and get back on their feet. The Chevy Chase Center is a charity that provides emergency food, clothing, and basic needs to people in Indiana, PA. It also offers programs to help people improve their lives and get back on their feet. There is a place that provides free soup to anyone who is hungry, Monday through Friday at noon. Some other services that these feeding programs offer are teaching people about how to make healthier food choices, having cooking classes, and giving people the opportunity to learn more about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Salvation Army in Indiana is giving away free bags of non-perishable groceries, like pasta or cereal, from their food pantry. The Salvation Army also provides Christmas toys for children through the Angel Tree program, back to school supplies, and financial aid. The charity also has meals for the poor or homeless during Christmas or Thanksgiving.

The Dixonville Wesleyan Methodist Church has a community kitchen that provides free food, beverages, and groceries for people with special dietary needs. The main phone number for the community kitchen is 724-254-1930.

The Indiana County Community Action Program provides food assistance to low-income individuals and families. They also have a clothing closet and pantry on site.

The address and phone number for the Indiana County Assistance Office is 2750 West Pike Road, Indiana, PA 15701, and the phone number is 724-357-2900.

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit that strives to deliver a hot meal to those in need, five days a week. On Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, they also serve. Help is available for shut-in persons and the elderly in Indiana County who can’t cook for themselves. They also offer free vouchers for low income seniors to use at a Farmer Market. In many places, people can buy vegetables, fruits, and herbs that were grown nearby and are therefore fresh. This means that people who need help will be helped first, and people who do not need help will be helped last.

Adagio Health is a medical office for pregnant or new moms. They are located at 1097 Oak Street in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The phone number for the office is 724-349-2022.

To get more information, call 412.460.3663. Indiana County families can learn about local agencies that provide food and other necessities.

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