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Information on free legal assistance programs in Michigan.

There are several non-profit law firms in Michigan that provide free legal aid to low to moderate income citizens, seniors, and the disabled. This means that there are many organizations and firms that provide free legal services to people who need it. These firms employ hundreds of lawyers and support personnel, and most of their funding for assistance programs comes from the federal government. More information on programs and contact information can be found below.

The free lawyers and their staff help with civil cases – not criminal. The programs that are currently in place provide free legal representation to clients through non-profit or pro-bono law firms. These firms offer a wide range of services, both in person or over the phone. The primary goal of the Michigan legal services is to meet the needs and concerns of Michigan residents.

Types of free legal advice

This means that different companies offer different types of programs. A priority is to ensure that those who are disadvantaged in Michigan have access to legal aid, with a focus on minorities, low income and working poor people. The amount of money available to fund the services may change, as well as the resources that are available. In some situations, a potential client may only need some general information or basic advice from a lawyer. A legal problem may require extensive consultation and research, or representation in court.

The organizations below offer free legal assistance, including telephone consultations and in-person advice as needed, to residents of Michigan. Lawyers can help low-income people by preparing documents, answering questions, negotiating settlements, and representing them in court, all without charge.

Many families in Michigan are struggling with their housing situation. This includes evictions, foreclosures, and difficulty paying their mortgage. Lawyers can help with housing issues, including foreclosures, for free. They can help with things like mortgage foreclosures, evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, repairing things for tenants, help with property tax foreclosures, and lockouts. If someone is in danger of being homeless or losing their home, additional support may be offered to help them keep their home. This includes help with utility bills, public housing programs, and evictions.

You can get free legal help from lawyers at pro-bono firms on civil family law cases, which can include PPO cases, divorce cases, custody cases, support cases, and especially cases to prevent violence against a child or spouse. A lawyer can also help if one parent is asking for custody of a child who is already living with the other parent.

The government has many programs to help those in need, and the attorneys on staff can help you figure out which ones you qualify for and how to apply for them. Some of the programs offered by the government include Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment compensation, foodstamps and other government food programs, SSI, health care programs, Social Security and more. If you feel that you have been unfairly denied a benefit, you may want to speak to an attorney or paralegal to find out what your next steps should be.

There are many programs and services available to seniors in Michigan that can help them with various needs. Lawyers can provide free advice on wills, guardianships, power of attorney, nursing home issues, and other topics. The client’s income must meet certain requirements to be approved.

If you’re having trouble with things like debt collectors, unfair contracts, or repossessions, you can get help from a legal advisor. There are companies that try to scam or take advantage of consumers in Michigan. Legal aid can help with these matters. Other assistance is available for things like consumer finance and installment agreement problems, bankruptcies, and predatory lending.

Who to contact for free legal aid in Michigan

The Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc. provides legal assistance to residents of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne County, Michigan, including the City of Detroit. If you want to speak to someone at the company, call 877.964.4700. Several services, including those provided by volunteers and other attorneys, are available to low-income families who qualify. Continue to provide free legal assistance to those in need in Detroit.

This law firm helps people in the 17 counties in the lower western part of Michigan. The firm has seven locations in Michigan: Grand Rapids, Big Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Niles, St. Joseph, and Kalamazoo. If you live in Kent, Ionia, or Montcalm county, you can call 616-774-0672 for information. If you live in any of the other 14 counties, you should call 1-888-783-8190 for information.

This organization provides free legal advice to people who live in the eastern part of Michigan. The areas they cover include Flint, Saginaw, Midland, and Port Huron. This is the number for customer service for the company 1-800-FLOWERS.

This organization provides free legal services and consultations for people who live in northern Michigan, including Marquette and Traverse City. The phone number is 906-228-5620.

This group provides civil legal services to low income individuals of Indian descent and to Indian tribes. This is a phone number.

This non-profit law firm provides free legal services and assistance to low and moderate income and senior citizens of Barry, Branch, Calhoun, Clinton, Eaton, Hillsdale, Ingham, Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe, Shiawassee, and Washtenaw counties Michigan.

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