Jefferson Community Action Agency assistance programs.

Jefferson Community Action programs focus on developing families, but they may also have emergency assistance or referrals to resources. There may be many resources available in Jefferson Parish, such as food, Head Start, or government grants for rent. The community action agency is focused on helping people who are not as lucky as others.

The government can help with both rent and food. The JEFFCAP organization offers the Emergency Food and Shelter Program to help people who are struggling with emergency needs like food insecurity or eviction. This program provides financial and practical assistance to help people get back on their feet. This can manifest as providing food, loans for security deposits, and shelter. This means that people who qualify can get help with rent or mortgage payments.

Jefferson Community Action Programs and their case managers will work to provide additional assistance to clients in need. This organization can help with getting food, affordable housing, clothing, and prescriptions as needed in their service area. This means that the amount of money available for emergency solutions, like the Emergency Solutions Grant, may change throughout the year and sometimes runs out completely.

The CSBG – Community Services Block Grant Program is a federally funded program that promotes and supports anti-poverty projects. So staff from Jefferson Community Action Agency partner with other charities and non-profits to offer emergency financial assistance. There may be transportation available through the agency on aging offices in Jefferson Parish, as well as housing and weatherization assistance. There are also local government support programs for those who need help.

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JEFFCAP offers short term housing and support services to people in order to help them become independent and self-sufficient. This could mean that there are funds available to help pay for the security deposit on a new, approved low income apartment.

The Jefferson Community Action Homeless Assistance resources program includes the Housing with Opportunities program, which is funded by the government. This focuses on helping the homeless in Jefferson Parish move from poverty to independence. The program offers a place to stay for the participant, as well as various supportive services that operate according to a local Continuum of Care Strategy. This strategy is part of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987, which has been amended.

The medication and guidance from the agency, or its partners, include HUD-Approved Comprehensive Housing Counseling, which helps prevent mortgage default or foreclosure. This program also helps clients with preparing to buy a home, consumer education, solving rental delinquency issues, and staff offer assistance with relocation to a more affordable home. The counseling also offers information and education in regard to the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a home for the first time.

The ECIP program helps people who are struggling to find safe and secure housing. This means that everyone has access to enough home heating and cooling and can pay their utility bills on time. This can often pose a problem for workers with low incomes and those with fixed incomes, such as senior citizens.

The temperature of a home has a big impact on the health and well-being of the people living there. If a home is too hot or too cold, it can be harmful to the occupants’ health. Jefferson Community Action provides the most effective and comprehensive set of energy bill assistance services to struggling residents by integrating a variety of programs into ECIP, including the federally funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.

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This service makes payments to home energy providers or electric companies on behalf of elderly, disabled, and financially disadvantaged clients. ECIP services include repairing or replacing heating units in low-income homes in Jefferson Parish, as resources and funding allow.

Child development refers to the physical, mental, and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the end of adolescence. Teachers that are a part of the service and local schools help children grow and develop in many ways. This includes activities that help with children’s thinking, physical movement, social skills, and emotions.

The JEFFCAP nonprofit also offers programming specifically designed to help children with disabilities and special needs interact and learn in mainstream educational environments. Parental support includes things like educational resources on parenting and achieving self-sufficiency, as well as job training or placement services. This program provides extensive training and technical assistance to staff and parents in Early Childhood Development, including workshops and college-credit courses.

Other public aid and local programs are available, as well as referrals and information on those programs. Some examples of this are: -eating healthy foods -exercising regularly -getting enough sleep -managing stress -avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol Residents can get help applying for Medicaid, use a free Computer Technology Center, and get low cost transportation to medical appointments or interviews. Jefferson Community Action can help people apply for programs such as SNAP or SSI disability.

How to apply for financial aid from Jefferson Community Action Agency

The main phone number for social services in New Orleans is (504) 736-6900. The Jefferson Community Action Programs help people who are less fortunate and who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.

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