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Jefferson County Kentucky free Christmas and holiday assistance.

Several organizations in Jefferson County help families, children, and seniors during the holidays. They provide things like food, clothes, and toys. If you are low income and cannot afford Christmas gifts or a Thanksgiving meal, there are places you can turn to for help. Local churches and charities often have programs to help those in need during the holidays. There are many organizations that can help donate toys to children in need, such as Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army Angel Tree program. Most of the programs are only available to people in certain areas or ZIP codes.

Clients can receive a free food basket, meal, or toy for the holiday, and they will also be referred to longer term support to deal with the cause of their struggle. The Christmas programs in Louisville oftentimes depend on presents and help from kind deeds from people in the area, so the amount of given items are not a lot.

The organizations will also try to provide home delivery of a hot Thanksgiving meal or Christmas basket to seniors and the homebound in addition to helping children by giving a toy. So many resources are provided as part of this process. The Salvation Army provides Christmas assistance to those in need. Find your local Salvation Army to see how they can help you.

Highlands Community Ministries – United Methodist Church is located at 1140 Cherokee Road in Louisville, KY. The church provides assistance with Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday preparations.

families in need can go to South East Associated Ministries to sign up for free Thanksgiving food baskets There will be Christmas stockings with free small gifts and even Easter baskets for children. A food pantry is available for those in need, and there are also hand-made scarves, mittens and hats for the winter months. There are also clothing options for children that come from donations.

Jeffersontown Area Ministries provides gifts and toys to children in Jefferson County. The main address is 10617 Taylorsville Road, Jeffersontown Community Center, Jeffersontown, Kentucky 40299. The phone number is (502) 267-1055. This is done with the help of volunteers and donations.

Eastern Area Community Ministries is a non-profit organization located in the basement of John Knox Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The agency provides assistance to families in the form of food, clothing, and other necessities in the zip codes of 40018, 40027, 40059, 40222, 40223, 40241, 40242, 40243, and 40245. The main number for the agency is (502) 426-2824. There is a store where parents can buy gifts, toys, and other items. Thanksgiving meals are typically served with a variety of food options.

Highlands Community Ministries provides assistance to children in need, including those from single parent households. Services they provide include distributing diapers, holiday toys, and more. Their main address is 1127 E Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky. For more information, call (502) 451-3626.

Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a small holiday party for clients held at 1413 S 6th Street Louisville, KY 40208.

Jefferson County Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a charity that is made up of various churches. People with low incomes, single mothers, and others can get help during the holidays. There may be free food boxes, hot meals, Thanksgiving turkey dinners, Christmas gifts (toys, video games, etc.), clothes and more offered. They help out the city and county. Please call 502-584-2480 for more information on Jefferson County SVDP assistance programs.

Catholic Charities of Louisville offers a variety of social services and assistance programs to help those in need. Services include food assistance, rent and utility assistance, and more. For more information or to get help, please call 502-637-9786. The organization provides financial assistance as well as free food boxes during holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. At the holidays, you may be able to get help with clothes, shoes, small gifts for kids, and other things.

Each have their own requirements, but the general gist is that children in need receive holiday gifts. Donated Christmas presents can be given to children, teenagers, and infants. A variety of items may be offered, including video games, books, tablets, electronics, phones, trucks, and more. There are also clothes from the Louisville Toys for Tots program. This is the place to fill out an application. The Toys for Tots website allows people to request toys for their children. Local coordinators manage toy distribution in their areas.

The Wayside Christian Mission is a homeless shelter located at 432 E Jefferson Street in Louisville, KY. The mission provides shelter, food, and clothing to homeless individuals and families. The mission also offers job training and placement services. The mission can be contacted by phone at (502) 584-3711.

The House Of Ruth is a Louisville, KY based organization that only helps children impacted by HIV/AIDS. For information, dial (502) 587-5080.

The Salvation Army of Louisville and Jefferson County provides Christmas gifts to children in need through their Angel Tree program. Toys, games, and free clothing are provided for children, and they may even receive gift certificates. Some places give out free Thanksgiving turkey dinners and other food during Christmas. Donations keep this place running and we give the items to families who need them the most.

Southwest Community Ministries provides free toys, gifts, and more to low income families and individuals in poverty in Jefferson County. The zip codes in this area are40177, 40258, and 40272.

St Matthews Area Ministries, at Beechwood Baptist Church, provides baby clothing, small toys, and more for infants in need. The 40207 zip code is a requirement for this position.

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