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Jewish Renaissance Foundation Family Assistance Center.

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation provides many services to people in Middlesex County. The agency offers financial help from the Family Assistance Center, but its main focus is on offering long term stability and guidance from the Academy of Workforce Empowerment and other employment services. The non-profit provides services for the county that promote community action.

Free stuff from Jewish Renaissance Foundation community action

When vouchers for groceries and food assistance cards are available, they can be redeemed at ShopRite stores. Households that meet certain income qualifications may be eligible to receive benefits that are based on the size of the family. This cow can help provide food for a family and also help them get to work to earn more money. There are also places where you can get free food in Middlesex County NJ.

The JRF’s Clothing Assistance Program provides emergency funds or gift certificates to those in need. The assistance can only be used to buy school clothes for children who need them, or to replace clothes that have been lost in fires or other disasters.

Financial assistance

The JRF also provides housing assistance programs to help eligible Middlesex County residents who are struggling to make mortgage, rent or utility payments. A lot of them depend on government assistance. The information below provides more detail.

Every year, people who are struggling to pay their rent or facing eviction may be able to get financial help from rental assistance. To be eligible for this, applicants must show a copy of their lease agreement and meet other conditions. A notarized letter from the landlord is required for the program, which must state the monthly rental amount, the duration of the tenancy, and how much back rent is due.

If you are currently in court with your landlord over tenant issues, you must meet additional requirements. Those who receive government assistance for housing costs, such as the federal Section 8 Program or state-provided temporary rental assistance, do not qualify for this type of assistance.

The JRF community action agency specialists give referrals. They can direct people to government assistance, like SNAP food stamps and TANF cash aid. They can also help with the application process. This is another form of financial help from the government. Examples of government assistance include food stamps, housing vouchers, and Medicaid.

There may be financial assistance available to qualifying homeowners in Middlesex County who are struggling to pay their mortgage. You will need to provide copies of your bank and mortgage statements as part of your application. This type of help is not available to applicants who cannot pay the difference between what they owe and what JRF can provide, or who cannot make future mortgage payments.

The Renaissance Foundation also provides one-time energy bill assistance to help with housing costs. There may be money available to help with utility bill payments, and this support is available to qualifying households from May through October. The staff can help you get money from the government for home heating or other support.

Employment and income assistance from JRF in Middlesex County

The AWE – Academy of Workforce Empowerment is a place where low-income Middlesex County residents can learn skills to help them get and keep jobs. There are many programs available from it. The free job placement and training in New Jersey provides individuals with information on how to find and apply for jobs, as well as how to receive training for specific occupations.

AWE training provides information and skills needed to improve economic stability. For those who want to start their own business, training and support is available. The class and workshops are open to the public, with a focus on the Greater Budapest Neighborhood.

JRF offers boot camps for unemployed or under-employed citizens in Middlesex County. These boot camps cover a variety of topics related to getting and keeping a job. The teachers and counselors will discuss how to conduct an interview, how to look for a job, how to write a resume, and how to use social media. People who have gone to workshops can get free job coaching sessions. Community members are welcome to attend workshops and support services.

Income inequality is a big problem in Middlesex County. The Jewish Renaissance Foundation and its staff are committed to addressing the issue. The non-profit provides residents with funding for educational purposes to help them become self-sufficient.

The Family Success Centers help parents and children by providing social services that improve their lives and the community around them. The John Rowland Gender Free Support Center is a confidential resource for Middlesex County residents that provides free information and services.

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation’s Family Success Center promotes parents taking leadership roles in their families and overall family wellbeing. Other assistance will help connect families to non-profit community services, as well as give working poor families the power and support they need. There may be workshops on creating resumes, financial literacy classes, links to health care, and assistance with completing applications for NJ Family Care and SSI/SSD.

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation is located at 149 Kearny Ave., Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861. To reach the Middlesex County New Jersey community action agency, call 732-324-2114.

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