JP Morgan Chase centers in Florida

Florida homeowners can go to another place for help. Chase is trying to reduce the number of foreclosures occurring in Florida by opening new centers in Palm Beach, Miami, Broward County, and Boynton Beach. The homeowners foreclosure centers are intended to assist borrowers in modifying their current mortgages and retaining ownership of their homes.

The resources available at these centers is very comprehensive. This means that borrowers can talk to a housing counselor in person to discuss their options. Chase provides the service. Loan advisors will review the borrower’s financial situation to see if they qualify for a loan modification. This face to face contact is helpful because the advisor can explain the process and help the borrower fill out the necessary paperwork.

To date, almost 20,000 Florida homeowners have been helped by housing specialists at a Chase homeowner center since the company began opening offices in early 2009.

The lender is investigating the possibility of opening a new branch. Chase chose Palm Beach Gardens because there is a large number of loans in South Florida that are in trouble. This means that a large number of people in these counties are not keeping up with their bank payments.

Advantages of face to face foreclosure counseling

There are very many different types of people in the world. Many studies have shown that meeting with a counselor in person is much more successful in modifying mortgages and lowering homeowners’ monthly payments. Borrowers, lenders and banks that are participating in the federal government’s Making Home Affordable program say they are constantly losing paperwork, encountering delays and receiving incorrect documents, which prolongs the loan modification process and causes more people to lose their homes, or to not even ask for help.

However, talking to a real person can reduce confusion and accelerate the process.

This means that if you go to a Chase office to ask for help with your mortgage, they will stay with you and help you through the entire modification process. They will hold your hand through the entire process. JP Morgan Chase foreclosure specialists and housing counselors are willing to meet with borrowers on weekends, at their workplace, or in their homes, if necessary. They will go to the house whenever the homeowner needs them to be.

Congress Ave The Chase Bank in Boynton Beach is located at 555 N. Congress Ave. The office is located on Congress Ave., suite 206 and the phone number is (561) 738-2550. The Palm Beach Gardens center is located on 3399 PGA Blvd., suite 120. You can reach them at (561) 775-7121.

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